Request For Proposal of Multifunctional Printing Devices

Closing Date: Monday, April 18, 2015

Closing Time: 4:00 PM (MST)

This request for proposal is intended to obtain the supply of seven (7) digital multifunction printing devices (MFP’s) via a rental/lease agreement for the Lloydminster Public School Division (the Division).

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Questions and Answers

As per Section 1.5 of the above referenced tender (Communication During Tender Process), LPSD will respond to all inquiries within 48 hours and the responses will be posted to the LPSD website  in this section.  Below are the questions received to date with the corresponding responses:

Q: How would you like the Alternate Pricing presented? We do not know the size requirements of the additional devices; so would you like it broken down per model so you could pick which machine would work where?
A: A range of pricing based on the model of machine is an acceptable option.  As we do not currently know where the additional machines might be located, having a couple of model options would be beneficial.

Q: Who is your current Vendor and how long have you been with them?
A: Our current vendor is Ricoh and our lease agreement has been in place for five years.

Q: Who was your previous vendor? 
A: Ricoh has been our provider for the past eight to 10 years.

Q: How long has your current lease/rental been with your current vendor? 
A: The current five-year lease will expire on May 31. 

Q: What devices are currently in your fleet? (Model numbers)
A:  Here are the devices currently in our fleet:
- Avery Outreach School - MP4001SP
- College Park School - MP4001SP
- Queen Elizabeth School - MP 5001SP
- Barr Colony School - MP7001SP
- Rendell Park Elementary School - MP8001SP
- LCHS - PRO90EX and PRO 1107EX

Q: What accessories are attached to these devices (i.e. stapler, fax, hole punch, saddle stitch)? 
A: At a minimum, all devices should have the capabilities to staple, hole punch, fax and scan to e-mail.

Q: In regards to pricing, what presentation form are you looking for (as it’s not indicated on your tender)?
a.)   Are you looking at leasing and a separate service contract? 
b.)   Are you looking at an all-inclusive presentation which includes the service contract & lease for one rate
A: We are flexible with pricing models. The current model for these machines is an annual lease that includes a guaranteed number of copies (current lease was 3 million copies annually), and then a separate billing for any overages on an annual basis. Another model currently being used for a second group of machines is a quarterly lease billing with separate service invoices.

Q: Are you looking for a color device(s) as it was not indicated within your tender? If there are color devices in your fleet what portion of the volume is color? 
A: All of the existing devices are black and white, with the plan to replace these with like machines.

Q: What is your current digital print management solution and how long have you had it? 
A: We do not currently have a print management solution.

Q: What is your current digital document storage solution and how long have you had it? 
A: We do not currently have a digital document storage solution.

Q: When is a decision to be made? (estimated date)
A: Recommendation will be brought to the LPSD Board of Education at their April 27 meeting for a final decision.

Q: When do you want the devices to be installed? (time frame)
A: Our current lease expires May 31, 2016, and all devices will need to be in place by that time.

Q: In regards to the delivery of the tender response, will it be acceptable to hand deliver the response and if so, how many copies would you like? We like to ensure delivery by hand delivering the tender as our responses are comprehensive and detailed (usually exceeds 15Mb). If you want us to email the response we will have to email it in multiple emails.
A: Hand Delivery of proposals would be acceptable.  Please provide three (3) copies of your responses.  Address for Delivery is 5017-46 Street, Lloydminster AB.

Q: Why is the usage for the College Park School machine only five (5) months?
A: College Park School is a new school that did not open until part way through the year. This machine was put into service in January, so we only have usage details from January until May.

Q: Do the machines at the high school require the ability to print on transparencies?
A: We print a handful of transparencies each year. It is not a requirement for any of the machines being tenders to include the ability to print on transparencies.