January 21 2019

LPSD Introducing French Immersion in 2020

The Lloydminster Public School Division is pleased to announce that a new French Immersion program is coming to Barr Colony School in the 2020-2021 school year.

Starting September 2020, Barr Colony will become a dual-track school. In the first year, the French Immersion program will be offered at the Kindergarten and first grade levels, however, if there is enough interest it will also be offered at the second grade level.

“The announcement by the Board of Education is timely as Public School parents who have children entering Kindergarten in September 2019 will be able to access Immersion programming for their children beginning in grade one in the fall of 2020,” said Todd Robinson, Director of Education.

After careful consideration, the Board of Education passed a motion for the new programming in their December 2018 Board Meeting.

“The Board is very pleased to be able to broaden the scope of programs we offer to meet a wider range of student needs and parental expectations,” said David Thompson, Board of Education Chair.

Significant consultation such as surveys and face to face meetings will begin with the community at the beginning of Fall 2019 to discuss the new dual-track program.

Robinson said the City of Lloydminster continues to grow and the Board believes that the addition of French Immersion will be well received.

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