Division Services

The Lloydminster Public School Division has a shared commitment with parents and the community to create a safe and caring learning environment in order to prepare students to be inspired leaders and productive citizens.


Director of Education

Supports learning and teaching in the Lloydminster Public School Division by working closely and developing relationships with the Board of Education and staff at the school and division levels. Manages and articulates the Division's direction in all aspects of LPSD.


Curriculum and Instruction

Ensures schools and staff have the support and skills they need to help ensure personal excellence for all students. 


Student Services

Supports and encourages the Division belief that all children have the right to a supportive learning environment, where individual differences and learning needs are respected and accommodated. Our inclusionary education practice is based on the belief that programming and services will be provided in the most appropriate and least restrictive environment.


Human Resources

Supports the Division in addressing human resource needs for all Division employees and actively recruits and retains qualified and committed personnel to support student success.



Administers all accounting and finance functions and specializes in the funding of schools and facilities.



Responsible for the operation, maintenance and renovation of all division schools and properties.



Supports more than 3,000 devices on the LPSD network, maintaining a 4.5:1 computer-to-student ratio, with wireless and open guest access in all LPSD facilities. 



Providing transportation services to eligible students in accordance with Lloydminster Public School Division Board and Saskatchewan Learning policies. There are many aspects to safely transporting students to and from school. The Board, bus drivers, students and parents share responsibility in the operation of an efficient student transportation system.



Fosters honest, open communication between the Division and its internal and external stakeholders. Supports the Director of Education's Office and Schools through media relations, management and production of the Division's publications, website and social media outlets, and promotion of the Division's programs and initiatives.