Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

LPSD Prekindergarten

Parents are asked to apply for admission each year they wish their child to attend.

Prekindergarten programs were developed in Saskatchewan to provide early educational supports for children aged 3 and 4 to lay the foundation for school success. Prekindergarten focuses on the development of the whole child - social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual development.

Children are provided with opportunities to develop language and social skills through active learning and play. Daily activities are child-centred, choice-driven and language rich. Children must be 3 by the end of September to be eligible.

In Lloydminster Public School Division (LPSD), Prekindergarten classes are held at Jack Kemp Community School (3701-47 Avenue) Mondays through Thursdays for two and a half hours.

LPSD Prekindergarten applications for the 2019-20 school year will be accepted beginning March 4. Applications will be available at all LPSD elementary schools and at Division Office (5017-46 Street). You can also click here to download the form.

Consideration for Prekindergarten is based on criteria set out by the Ministry of Education. Submitting an application does not guarantee admittance.

Parents will be notified during the week of June 11-15 to let them know whether their child has been accepted or placed on a wait list. Please see below to view Criteria for Admission.


Criteria for Admission:

  • Low family income
  • Single parent homes
  • Teen parent(s)
  • Family abuse/neglect
  • Alcohol/drug abuse in the family
  • Parents have less than a high school education
  • Family isolation
  • Frequent parent absence
  • Physical/mental health of parent(s) affects the family
  • Child experiences communication/language delays
  • Non-English mother tongue in the home

Please Note:

  • Children must be three years old by Sept. 30 and reside within the LPSD attendance area to be eligible for admission to Prekindergarten
  • Children who will be five years old by Dec. 31 are age-appropriate for Kindergarten. 


Program Focus for Prekindergarten programs:

  • Foster social development and self-esteem
  • Nurture educational growth and school success
  • Promote language development


Program Components:

  • A developmentally-appropriate educational program based on Saskatchewan’s Play and Exploration Early Learning Program Guide.
  • Active, experiential learning through play
  • Child-centered, self-directed activities with choice
  • Small class sizes
  • Family engagement
  • Learning environments that respond to the cultures, abilities and interests of children
  • One teacher and one assistant responsible for each class
  • Half day classes (two and a half hours in length), Monday through Thursday
  • Transportation provided within the city limits



Click here to download the Prekindergarten application form.
Or visit your neighbourhood elementary school to pick up a copy.

Completed applications can be dropped off at Division Office or any elementary school.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many children will be in my child's class?

A: Class sizes in Prekindergarten are limited to 16 children.


Q: Is there any cost for Prekindergarten?

A: There is no fee to Participate in LPSD's Prekindergarten program.


Q: Are all children who apply accepted into Prekindergarten?

A: Prekindergarten is a needs based program. Students are accepted into the program based on criteria set out by the Ministry of Education. See the "Criteria" section for more information


Q: How often will my child attend classes?

A: Beginning in 2016-17, classes will be held Monday through Thursday for two and a half hours each.


For more information about LPSD's Prekindergarten program,
please email



Junior Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten offers learning, language, experiential, and play opportunities based on the philosophy of Prekindergarten and best practices for early learning. LPSD now offers Junior Kindergarten programming at Barr Colony School.

Program Delivery:

  • Ratio of one staff for every 10 children
  • Children attend up to five hours per week
  • Children will attend either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday, in the AM class or PM class.
    • AM classes take place at: 8:45—11:15 AM
    • PM classes take place at 12:00 PM—2:30 PM
  • Junior Kindergarten serves children who are 4-years-old by the end of December
  • Children who are 5-years-old by the end of December will be registered in Kindergarten
  • Children must reside within the LPSD attendance boundaries
  • Families will be asked to arrange transportation to the program
  • There will be no cost to enroll in the program

Click here to learn more about Barr Colony School. 

Click here to download the Junior Kindergarten application form.

Kindergarten Registration

Register your child for Kindergarten at your neighbourhood school

Please see the following attendance area map to view the school boundaries to determine which elementary school your child will attend.

  • Child Centered
  • Caring
  • Parent Involvement
  • Class Size
  • (2013-14 Avg. 21 students/class)
  • Kindergarten French
  • Technology (iPod, SMARTBoard, PC)
  • Experiential Based
  • Early Literacy Program
  • Music