Education Support Teachers (EST)

Education Support Teachers (EST)

Education Support Teachers (EST) are present at each school and they consult and collaborate with staff regarding students with exceptional learning needs. They offer a number of supports, including the development of individual education plans and co-ordinate referrals to division personnel or other agencies.

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Barr Colony School - (780) 875-4054

Luella Klamot
Susan Stefanuk

Jack Kemp Community School - (306) 285-9394

Trina Chocan
Devin Gale

Rendell Park Elementary School - (780) 875-7278

Melinda Temple
Wendy Dyck
Judy Collins

Queen Elizabeth School - (780) 875-5090

Deb Sexsmith
Karla Parchoma


Winston Churchill School - (306) 825-2626 

Victoria Vajdec
Tracy Prosper


College Park School - (780) 875-7518

Jennifer Ball
Sheryl Stephens
Angela Willard


Bishop Lloyd Middle School - (780) 875-6239

Dawn Elliot
Tricia Smith

E.S. Laird Middle School - (306) 825-8826

Pam Newman
Erica Corriveau


Lloydminster Comprehensive High School - (780) 875-5513

Kim Springer
Pam Dunham
Brenda Sheppard
Danielle Ferguson
Lorellie Ketchum

Avery Outreach School - (306) 825-9088

Pam Dunham