SLP Services Overview

SLP services are provided to the LPSD pre-kindergarten students as well as kindergarten through grade 12, with the main focus on early intervention.

Students are referred to the Speech-Language Therapy program in the following ways:

  • Kindergarten Speech and Language Screening: All students entering kindergarten are seen by an S-LP to complete a short 10 minute speech-language screening. This screen consists of saying words with specific speech sounds, re-telling a story, explaining vocabulary and understanding basic concepts. The majority of students requiring further assessment in any of these areas are identified through this process.
  • Teacher concern: If the teacher has a concern about a student’s communication skills he/she can refer the student for an assessment. Parents must give written consent for their child to be assessed.
  • Parental questionnaire/Parent concern: Students attending the pre-kindergarten program are identified primarily through a speech and language questionnaire completed by the parents. If parents of school-age children have concerns about their child’s communication skills they can request that the teacher make a referral to the SLP.

After the assessment the SLP may:

  • Dismiss from the caseload if all areas tested are average for their age;
  • Put the child on follow-up if the speech and/or language concerns are considered to be age-appropriate;
  • Schedule some individual or small group sessions (1-2 times in a 6 day cycle) at the school with a S-LP Assistant or S-LP; and/or
  • Provide home activities for practice; and/or
  • Provide recommendations and/or model strategies for school personnel; and/or
  • Refer to outside agencies if required.


  • Hearing is important to speech and language development as hearing loss can lead to difficulty with saying sounds/words correctly and understanding language.
  • As part of the assessment process the S-LP completes a quick hearing screening.
  • A teacher or parent can request a hearing screening at any time (no referral required for just a hearing screening).