Targeted Skills Teachers

The role of Targeted Skill Teacher (TST) at each elementary and middle school is to consult and collaborate with school staff regarding students with behavioural needs. They may provide behavioural support to students in individual, small group or whole class settings. The TST also works with teachers to implement proactive behavioural strategies so that all students have an opportunity to experience success.

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Click on image to view interactive flow chart

Contact Us

Barr Colony School - (780) 875-4054

Dee Miller

Jack Kemp Community School - (306) 285-9394

Denise Block

Rendell Park Elementary School - (780) 875-7278

Kammy Chocan

Queen Elizabeth School - (780) 875-5090

Karla Parchoma


Winston Churchill School - (306) 825-2626 

Mark Harewood


College Park School - (780) 875-7518

Michelle Milne


Bishop Lloyd Middle School - (780) 875-6239

Derek Hyland

E.S. Laird Middle School - (306) 825-8826

Marianne Otke