General Administration 165

Safe Schools


The Division shall strive to ensure that each student and staff member is provided with a safe environment. It is committed to creating and maintaining an environment in schools where students, staff, parents and others feel safe. To this end, the Division shall establish a protocol for responding to immediate risks within a building, student threatening behaviors, and traumatic events. (See LPSD Emergency Response Plan )


  1. The Director will ensure that Division administrative procedures and emergency response plans, and related handbooks are reviewed on an annual basis and revised as required.
  2. The Director will ensure that Principals and appropriate division office personnel are involved in emergency management training.
  3. The Director or designate will develop and maintain a Division Emergency Response Plan ( which:
    1. Establishes a school Traumatic Events Response Team (TERT) with assigned roles and responsibilities.
    2. Participates in a community response team coordinated with other community crisis response services such as the RCMP, and Mental Health.
    3. Provides for a safe and caring working and learning environment.
    4. Maintains a focus on prevention and early intervention as well as crisis management.
    5. Outlines emergency procedures to follow in dealing with specific critical incidents.
    6. Provides Division level support to schools as required.
    7. Uses, as a guide for action, appropriate consequences, decided collaboratively.
  4. When a crisis or perceived threat of a crisis occurs in one of the areas below, the Principal will immediately activate the appropriate response as outlined in LPSD Emergency Response Plan ( .
  5. At the beginning of the school year, Principals shall review with staff members, procedures to ensure that they remain consistent with the philosophy and intent of safe and caring schools. Provisions will be made to inform new staff members.
  6. The Director or designate shall be notified of all crisis situations impacting or with the potential of impacting a school or the Division. The notification will be made as quickly as possible after other emergency responders such as the police and fire department have been contacted.
  7. School Incident Reports shall be completed and filed with the Director’s or designate office immediately following an incident (LPSD Emergency Response Plan Appendix D-1 ).
  8. The Director or designate may call response team members together to plan a Division response to the crisis situation.
  9. The Director or designate will act as the primary spokesperson for the Division with respect to the media. In the event of a school emergency situation, the Director, in conjunction with the Principal and the Communications Coordinator, will prepare a statement that will be circulated to inform parents and the media.
  10. If appropriate, a press conference will be conducted under the direction of the Director, who will designate any other spokespersons.
  11. When a crisis situation occurs at the school level, school personnel will be the first responders to the incident and will take charge of managing the situation. The school Principal is responsible for notifying both the TERT and other emergency service providers when necessary. The initial communication shall be directed to the Director or designate.
  12. Upon receiving notification of a crisis situation, the Director or designate will:
    1. Obtain all factual information available about the crisis situation.
    2. Prepare a preliminary statement including the Division response for use with the media, if appropriate.
    3. Coordinate with emergency responders, where possible


Section 85, 87, 108, 109, Education Act


December 2017