Lloydminister Public School Division

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Lloydminster, Alberta T9V 1R4

Administrative Procedures

AP 101: Annual Reports

AP 110: School Planning and Reporting

AP 120: Policy and Procedure Dissemination

AP 121: Review of Administrative Procedures

AP 130: School Year Calendar

AP 131: School Hours

AP 132: Emergency Closure - Regular School

AP 140: Responsible Use of Technology and Internet

AP 140-1: Student Responsible Use of Technology and Internet Agreement

AP 140-2: Staff, Trustee, and Community Member Responsible Use of Technology and Internet Agreement

AP 151: Media Relations

AP 153: Elections

AP 154: Treaty 6 Acknowledgement

AP 155: Event Protocol

AP 156: Visit Protocol

AP 157: Advertising and Distribution of Materials in School

AP 160: Health and Safety of Students and Staff

AP 160 Appendix: Universal Precautions

AP 161: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

AP 162: Tobacco and the Use of Tobacco Products

AP 163: Use and Possession of Alcohol and Drugs

AP 165: Safe Schools

AP 168: Smudging

AP 170: Violence

AP 180: Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

AP 181: Video Surveillance

AP 182: Video Cameras on Buses

AP 183: Inclement Weather and Outdoor Air Quality

AP 183-1: Air Quality Guide for Schools

AP 185: Retention and Disposal of School Records

AP 190: Copyright

AP 191: Copy Machine Use

AP 193: Social Media Guidelines

AP 200: Organization for Instruction

AP 201: Individualization of Instruction

AP 202: Instructional Program

AP 205: Instructional Materials and Equipment

AP 206: Textbooks

AP 207: Controversial Issues

AP 208: Religious Education

AP 215: Lloydminster Education Advanced Program (L.E.A.P.)

AP 216: Physical Activity Programs

AP 216-1: Indoor Facilities Safety Report

AP 216-2: Outdoor Facilities Safety Report

AP 216-3: Activity Room Safety Guidelines

AP 218: Special Project Credits

AP 219: Course Challenge Process

AP 220: Correspondence Courses

AP 223: School Nutrition

AP 230: Driver Education

AP 240: Guidance Program

AP 250: Library Materials Selection and Adoption

AP 251: Multimedia Use in Schools

AP 260: Student Local Travel - Curricular and Extra-Curricular (Inside Alberta and Saskatchewan)

AP 261: Student Travel Outside Canada

AP 262: Student Travel Inside Canada - Curricular & Extracurricular (Outside Alberta and Saskatchewan)

AP 270: Registered Home-Based Education Programs

AP 280: Evaluation of Curriculum and Instruction

AP 290: Research Studies

AP 301: Early Entrance of Students Requiring Intensive Supports

AP 302: Non-Resident Students

AP 309: Service Dogs in Schools

AP 309-1: Parent Information Letter

AP 309-2: Service Dog Application Form

AP 309-3: Medical Certificate

AP 310: Student Safety and Supervision

AP 311: Harassment and Sexual Harassment (Students)

AP 312: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

AP 313: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

AP 315: Illness/Injuries at School

AP 316: Administration of Medical Assistance to Students

AP 317: Students with Severe (Anaphylactic) Allergies

AP 318: Pediculosis (Head Lice)

AP 320: Student Records

AP 321: Young Offenders Information Sharing

AP 322: School Counsellor Records

AP 330: Child Abuse and Protection

AP 340: Attendance of Students

AP 341: Duties of Students

AP 350: Student Conduct

AP 351: Exclusion, Suspension or Expulsion of Students

AP 352: Seclusion and Physical Restraint

AP 353: Student use of Alcohol, Cannabis or Other Drugs

AP 356: Searches by School Authorities

AP 357: Damage to Property

AP 358: Use of Cell Phones and Electronic Devices in Schools

AP 360: Student Assessment for Schools

AP 370: Student Awards, Scholarships and Bursaries

AP 371: Tuition for Concurrent Enrollment in Lakeland College

AP 380: Student Activities

AP 390: Mediation of Conflicts Involving Students

AP 400: Employee Recruitment and Selection

AP 401: Personnel Records

AP 402: Employee Harassment

AP 403: Expressions of Sympathy

AP 404: Staff Involvement in Civil Proceedings

AP 405: Employee Bursaries

AP 406: Staff Leaves of Absence

AP 408: Services Awards

AP 409: Staff Resignations

AP 410: Criminal Record Check & Disclosure of Criminal Charges

AP 411: Medical Examinations

AP 412: Re-Engagement of Superannuated Teachers

AP 413: Supervision and Evaluation of Professional Staff

AP 414: Teacher Accreditation

AP 415: Deferred Salary Leave

AP 416: Support Staff Supplemental Employment Benefit Plan

AP 417: Extracurricular Supervision

AP 418: Early Notice of Retirement Gratuity

AP 420: Administrative Organizational Plan

AP 425: Principal, Vice-Principal & Coordinator Professional Growth, Supervision and Evaluation

AP 427: Flex Time for School & Division Based Personnel

AP 428: Probationary Period for Support Staff

AP 429: Supervision and Evaluation of Non-Teaching Staff

AP 430: Labour Standards for Support Staff Employees

AP 431: Notice of Vacant Support Staff Positions

AP 432: Support Staff Code of Conduct & Confidentiality

AP 433: Support Staff Employee Benefit Plan

AP 434: Support Staff Employee Vacation Leave and Holidays

AP 435: Support Staff Employee Sick Leave and Accumulated Sick Leave

AP 436: Support Staff Employee Injury Compensation

AP 437: Support Staff Employee Pension

AP 439: Severence

AP 440: Staff Redundancy

AP 460: Position Descriptions

AP 500: Annual Budget

AP 505: Cash Handling Procedure

AP 510: Financial Accounting and Auditing

AP 511: Financial Information Reports

AP 513: Travel and Expenses

AP 514: Hosting/Hospitality Expenses

AP 515: Purchase of Goods and Services

AP 516: Goods and Services Expenditure Management

AP 517: Goods and Services Budget Allocations

AP 518: Disposal of Division Furniture, Equipment or Materials

AP 519: Purchasing Card Program

AP 520: School Based Fundraising

AP 525: Community Partnerships

AP 530: Insurance

AP 532: Risk Management

AP 535: Occupational Health and Safety Committee

AP 540: Planning for School Facilities

AP 541: Names of Schools and Division Buildings

AP 542: Facilities Procedures

AP 543: Request for Minor Renovations, Maintenance, Repair and Fabrication

AP 544: Security of Buildings

AP 546: Environmental Considerations

AP 547: Community Use of Schools

AP 547-1: Facility Rental Agreement

AP 548: Use of Division Furniture, Supplies and Equipment

AP 550: Private Music Lessons in Schools

AP 555: Bus Use for Student Travel

AP 556: Use of Leased or Private Vehicles