Business Administration 518

Disposal of Division Furniture, Equipment or Materials


Changes in school programs or requirements can result in surplus or obsolete furniture, equipment or materials.

The Division supports the development and use of an orderly process to dispose of surplus or obsolete equipment, furniture and materials.



  1. Principals will periodically review the inventory of equipment, furniture and materials in their facility to determine whether items are obsolete or surplus to the school needs.
  2. A list of equipment, furniture and materials no longer required by the school/facility will be submitted to the Superintendent of Administration for review.
  3. The Superintendent of Administration will determine whether any of the surplus items could be used in other schools/facilities and facilitate their transfer to the new locations as appropriate.
  4. The Superintendent of Administration will determine what furniture, equipment and materials are to be destroyed, discarded, sold or left to the school to be disposed of.
  5. Whenever feasible, furniture, equipment or materials of exceptional value will be disposed of by public auction or sale.
  6. Revenues derived from the sale of surplus goods will be placed in the appropriate Division accounts.



Section 85, 87, 347, Education Act
Section 38, The School Division Administration Regulations


August 2014
December 2017