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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 260

Student Local Travel - Curricular and Extra-Curricular (Inside Alberta and Saskatchewan)


The division, in recognizing the educational opportunities derived from student travel and field trips, for curricular and extra-curricular purposes, approves student local travel within the City of Lloydminster and within the boundaries of Alberta and Saskatchewan, for students in Lloydminster Public School Division. Student local travel must have the approval of the school Principal pursuant to the following procedures:


  1. The Principal of the school must ensure that the following conditions can be met before approving student local travel:
    1. Only students registered in the school submitting the proposal will be considered. When selection of students is necessary, the criteria shall be:
      1. Acceptable record of behavior;
      2. Demonstrated commitment to preparation for the trip;
      3. Notwithstanding the above, it is recognized that in the case of school teams, clubs or grade/course registration, selection based on ability or membership may be necessary;
      4. The supervising teacher in charge of the trip shall arrange for the selection of students, with the final responsibility resting with the Principal.
      5. In some special circumstances, a school trip may include Lloydminster Public School Division students registered in another school. 
    2. The trip will be under the direct supervision of a Division teacher.  The Principal is responsible for the level and quality of supervision on the trip and will determine the parameters and process for selection of trip supervisors giving consideration to the following factors:
      1. The number of participants;
      2. The age, maturity and competency of the participants;
      3. The destination and duration of the trip;
      4. The nature of the venues on the itinerary and suggested guidelines;
      5. The nature of the activities to be undertaken and the risks associated with those activities;
      6. The extent to which the supervisor(s) is familiar with the venues and have appropriate qualifications to carry out the activities and respond to emergency situations;
      7. Appropriate supervisors will be provided for male and female students on overnight trips;
      8. An adult supervisor must be available to students at all times (24 hours per day); And,
      9. Other factors, which in the judgment of the Principal are important to the successful and safe implementation of the trip. (e.i. host families, hotel, church basement)
  2. Travel should be planned, whenever possible, to minimize the amount of class instructional time missed.
  3. Decisions regarding Inclement Weather and student travel will follow the procedures outlined the Lloydminster Public School Division Emergency Response Plan (link to be provided).
  4. A first aid kit and an emergency kit must be carried and readily available at all times during any trip outside the City of Lloydminster.
  5. Decisions regarding Physical Education Safety will follow the procedures outlined in the Physical Education Safety Administrative Procedure 214.
  6. Collection and distribution of funds must adhere to Division procedures.
  7. The supervising teacher shall submit a Request for Transportation *Form (260-1)  at least 14 days prior to the anticipated departure date for trips outside city limits and 5 days prior to the anticipated departure date for trips inside city limits (30 Km). The principal approves the Request for Transportation *Form (260-1). 
  8. The supervising teacher will provide an itinerary to the bus driver for out of town travel.
  9. The supervising teacher is responsible for booking accommodations for the bus driver for overnight travel.
  10. Dependent on the nature of the trip and the activities students will be participating in, a safety plan may be required by the Principal.
  11. The Director or Director Designate will be informed about overnight trips.
  12. The Principal shall ensure that Parent/Guardian Approval Travel *Forms (260-2) are signed by parents or guardian for all students involved in the trip outside the city limits of Lloydminster. In the case of ongoing field trips for Physical Education classes or other in-city trips, parental consent forms are not required; however, parent notification is necessary.
  13. The Principal shall ensure that the supervising teacher carries student contact and medical information on trips that travels outside the city limits.
  14. In the event an in-city trip is cancelled the same day the trip is scheduled, a cancellation fee may be charged to the school. In the event an outside city limit trip is cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time, a cancellation fee may be charged to the school.  Cancellation fees are outlined on *Form 260-1.
  15. The approving authority (i.e. Principal, Director, or Board of Education) is responsible to monitor the level of risk associated with the trip and has the authority to cancel the trip, either prior to or during its implementation, if in the judgment of the approving authority, it is unsafe to commence or continue the trip. 


December 2018

*Contact School Administration for referenced forms