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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 162

Tobacco and the Use of Tobacco Products


The Division strives to provide safe, comfortable and healthy environments for all students, employees, community partners, visitors and guests. 

For the purpose of AP 162 tobacco and smoking/vaping products include: spit tobacco, cigarettes, e-cigarettes and any other kind of smoking or tobacco like product.

This procedure will abide by and be in accordance with the City of Lloydminster Bylaw No. 01-2018


  1. Smoking/vaping or the use of other tobacco products is prohibited on property and in vehicles owned and used by the Division, at all times. This includes all properties at all times, including outside of school hours and includes all students, staff and visitors using the property. 
  2. Students and staff members are prohibited from smoking/vaping or using other tobacco products during school activities authorized by the Division whether on or off division owned property.
  3. The use of tobacco or tobacco products is only permitted on school division property pursuant to Section 11(3) of the Provincial Tobacco Contract Act, which states that tobacco use is permitted in “an enclosed public space while it is being used by the consent of the proprietor, for traditional Aboriginal spiritual cultural practices or ceremonies.”
  4. Suitable signs shall be displayed in Division buildings indicating that they are tobacco free areas.
  5. All community use agreements shall stipulate compliance with this administrative procedure as a condition of use. Failure to comply shall be cause for cancellation of the agreement.
  6. The Director or designate will view violations of this administrative procedure very seriously and supports appropriate discipline in accordance with the Education Act, Employee Code of Conduct and Collective Agreement.
  7. Resources to support schools and communities in promoting and enforcing the tobacco free environment can be found at http://www.health.gov.sk.ca/tobacco-free-schools.


Section 85, 87, 108, 109, 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 175, Education Act, The Tobacco Control Act, City of Lloydminster Bylaw No. 01-2018


August 2018