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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 440

Staff Redundancy


Lloydminster Public School Division may periodically face excess or redundant staff situations due to budget shortfalls, declines in enrolment, reduced demands for instruction in specialized areas, or other unforeseen circumstances.  In these instances, every effort will be made to reassign the staff to other vacancies in the Lloydminster Public School Division.  As such, attrition is favored as the best way to reduce staff when necessary. 

The Lloydminster Public School Division will take into consideration known resignations, retirements, and approved leaves of absence, before implementing procedures for termination.  In addition, the employment contracts of temporary teachers will terminate on their expiry dates. 

However, if no appropriate placements are available in the Lloydminster Public School Division, procedures for terminating contracts of employment will be implemented in accordance with the following procedures.


Teaching Staff

  1. When the total instructional needs for the projected school population are not sufficient to provide assignments to all the teachers, the Superintendent of Education, in consultation with the Principal, shall identify teacher(s) to be declared surplus. Teachers declared surplus to the needs of a school shall be considered for placement in other vacant positions within the Lloydminster Public School Division. If, after filling all the known vacant positions, there is a surplus of regular contract staff, procedures for termination of teaching staff will be implemented.
  2. No teacher on a permanent contract shall be declared redundant if the loss of that teacher would result in a shortage of teachers with any specialization or particular qualifications required by the system.
  3. In determining which teacher or teachers shall be declared redundant, consideration shall be given to retaining those teachers possessing the most appropriate training, experience and/or skills for the assignments available.  Every effort shall be made to ensure that appropriate staff are retained to effectively deliver the programs in the schools. Core program requirements shall take precedence over locally developed or elective program requirements. At the high school level, teachers accredited in their subject areas, or eligible to become accredited, shall be given preference.
  4. Among teachers on a permanent contract who have similar qualifications and experience with respect to a particular program where a staff surplus exists, and subject to Procedure 3 above, the teacher with the least uninterrupted service with the Lloydminster Public School Division, shall be the one declared redundant.
  5. A teacher who is identified surplus to the needs of the Lloydminster Public School Division, under the provisions of Section 210(1)(b) of the Education Act, 1995, will be provided with thirty (30) days' notice of termination of contract and will be provided redundancy pay in accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Collective Bargaining Agreement, in effect at that time.

Non Teaching Staff

  1. When making organizational plans for the school year, the Superintendent of Education for each program area will make decisions regarding staff requirements based on system needs, expected workload, and budget considerations.
  2. The respective department shall identify non-teaching staff positions considered surplus to the needs of the Lloydminster Public School Division. Staff shall be reduced with consideration of the needs of the Lloydminster Public School Division and the knowledge, skills, and expertise of the staff affected.
  3. Staff declared surplus will be considered for placement in other vacant positions within the Lloydminster Public School Division. If no suitable placement can be made, procedures for termination will be implemented under the provisions of the Saskatchewan Employment Act.

Section 85, 87, 175, 210, 213, 215, 216 Education Act, 1995
Saskatchewan Employment Act

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