Personnel and Employee Relations 436

Support Staff Employee Injury Compensation


Compensation for injury shall be made in accordance with these procedures for employees who are covered by Workers’ Compensation.


This administrative procedure is intended to provide eligible employees with pay and/or workers' compensation payments on a schedule equal to regular pay periods. This will eliminate possible inconvenience to employees should workers' compensation payments, for which they are eligible, be delayed.


  1. This administrative procedure applies to all workers who are covered by the Saskatchewan or Alberta Workers' Compensation plan in their respective workplaces, and who are employed with the Division.
  2. When an eligible worker files a claim and qualifies for workers' compensation benefits, the workers' compensation benefits cheques will be assigned by the worker to the Division.
  3. Once eligibility for benefits has been established to the satisfaction of the Director or designate.  The Director or designate, will estimate the value of the worker's compensation the injured worker is likely to qualify for within the worker's normal pay period. On the regular pay day(s) of the worker in question, the Division will deposit in the worker's account an amount based on the actual or estimated value of workers' compensation payments plus any regular earnings, if any, due to the worker.
  4. If payment by the Division to the worker is based on estimated workers' compensation benefits, the value of subsequent deposits of benefits or wages will be adjusted up or down in order to reconcile the previously estimated payments with the value of workers' compensation payments actually received.
  5. While receiving workers' compensation benefits indirectly, workers are not eligible to accumulate vacation, sick leave, or pension credits.


Section 85, 87, 108, 109 Education Act

Saskatchewan Employment Act

Labour Standards Regulations 25, 26

Workers’ Compensation Acts


September 2015