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Registered Home-Based Education Programs


Although the Division encourages parents to enroll their children in its schools, it also recognizes that parents/guardians have the responsibility for the education of their children and may choose to provide for that education in their home.

The Director or designate will be the registrar for home-based schooling provided regulations are observed as stated in the document published by Saskatchewan Education entitled, “Saskatchewan Home-Based Education: Policy and Procedures Manual”.


  1. The Division will make the following services available to home-based educators:
    1. The loan of textbooks currently in use in the Division,
    2. Access, at a grade appropriate level, to school courses where practical,
    3. Testing as available to students registered in schools,
    4. Participation in grade appropriate extra-curricular cultural or athletic programs, or school sponsored field trips,
    5. Access to equipment (on site) provided suitable arrangements can be made with the school which the student would have normally attended had he/she been enrolled as a student in the Division, and
    6. Use of gymnasium, provided activities meet with the approval of the designated Division official and do not conflict with any regular school-based programs. Access to gymnasium will respect the terms of rentals applied to community groups with the exception of waiver of rental fees. Permission may be granted for the use of physical education equipment. The designated Division official must be satisfied that qualified adult supervision is provided for all activities using Division facilities or equipment.
    7. Parents/guardians accessing any of these services will be levied fees specific to each program as would be the case had the student normally registered in the school. (Fees payable on enrolment.)
    8. Students partaking in any services as noted in this section will be expected to conduct themselves and be subject to regular disciplinary actions in the same manner as would any other student who is normally enrolled in that school. Failure to do so may result in suspension of services provided in this section.Parents/guardians desiring any of these services will make a written request to the Director or designate.
  2. Financial assistance is available to parent/guardians who plan to use Saskatchewan or Alberta correspondence as their program of studies for home-based schooling. Such programs will satisfy the requirements of this administrative procedure as to content and evaluation. The Division will provide, at the request of the parents, the cost of registration, tuition fees and course materials for Alberta correspondence grades 1 – 12 or Saskatchewan correspondence grades 1 – 12. Financial assistance will not exceed the value of the provincial grant available to the Division with respect to a particular home-based education student.
  3. Parents/guardians registering for home-based education will be made aware of the Division's administrative procedure on home-based education and any pertinent regulations or guidelines. 
  4. The Division will be made aware of all notifications for home-based education and will be informed of any changes in the status of registered programs.
  5. The following documents are on file online and will be available to home-based educators:
    1. Guidelines for Home-based Educators - Appendix A


Section 85, 87, 108, 109, 157 Education Act

Saskatchewan Home-based Education: Policy and Procedures Manual

The Home-based Education Program Regulations, 2015


March 2019