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Student Records


The creation and maintenance of neat and accurate records that judiciously represent each student enrolled in schools in the Division is important for present and future reference. The Principal shall be responsible for this task subject to the Education Act, the policies of the Board and, to administrative procedures established by the Director.


  1. All school Principals shall ensure that all student data is promptly entered into the appropriate records in a neat and accurate manner. This function will normally be performed by the classroom teacher but may be delegated to clerical staff where appropriate.
  2. The Principal shall ensure that all personal student information whether in print or on computer disk is stored in locked cabinets and is not accessible to unauthorized personnel.
  3. Principals shall be responsible for the prompt and efficient transfer of student records between schools within the Division and to other schools in accordance with Administrative Procedures approved by the Director.
  4. The Principal shall grant access to student records to only those people who have right of access according to the Education Act, Board policy and Administrative Procedures approved by the Director.
  5. Records of students no longer attending school in the Division shall be stored under the general supervision of the Director or designate in accordance with Administrative Procedures approved by the Director.
  6. Student records and the information they contain shall be considered confidential. The release of such information must be requested by or consented to by the student or his/her parent or guardian.
  7. The use and release of information from confidential reports shall be done in accordance with Administrative Procedures approved by the Director.


Section 85, 87, 175, 231 Education Act
Section 38, The School Division Administration Regulations
Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act


August 2014
December 2017