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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 405

Employee Bursaries


The Board of Education encourages the improvement of professional skills and competencies through the completion of additional training programs.

The Board of Education recognizes that these types of professional development experiences have a positive impact on student learning and help provide students with the best possible educational experiences.  Because of this, the Board of Education would like to provide financial support to those employees who choose to dedicate their time and energy to bettering themselves professionally.  Therefore, the Lloydminster Public School Division has established the following bursary program to assist with the costs associated with obtaining additional skills and training.  The level of financial assistance will be dependent on divisional needs, the cost of the tuition, and the resources available.


  1. Any employee may apply to the Director of Education for the bursary funding. Deadline for bursary applications for Fall and Winter sessions is September 15th of the current year; for Spring and Summer sessions is February 15th of the current year. Applications will not be carried forward to the next budget year. 
    1. All Bursary applications must be approved by the Director of Education, based upon their alignment to the needs and priorities of the Lloydminster Public School Division.
    2. Three hundred dollars ($300.00) per three (3) credit university course (or equivalent) up to a maximum of nine hundred dollars ($900.00) per year (September 1st - August 31st).
    3. Equivalency of program shall be determined by the Director of Education.
    4. Receipt of tuition payment must be provided.
    5. Bursary will be dispersed to the employee upon proof of successful completion of the course work
    6. In circumstances, when employees need additional qualifications to meet the requirements of a particular position, the Board of Education may provide full cost of tuition to meet the minimum qualification requirements for that position. A bursary granted under these circumstances would be dispersed as follows: 
      1. The maximum reimbursement per three (3) credit course will be based on the current University of Saskatchewan fee schedule;
      2. Equivalency and need of program shall be determined by the Director of Education;
      3. Receipt of tuition payment must be provided; and,
      4. Bursary will be dispersed to the employee upon proof of successful completion of course work.

Section 87, Education Act, 1995 

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