Instructional Programs and Materials 206



The Division directs that the textbooks used in any school shall be selected from those recommended by the Minister of Learning and listed in curriculum documents.

In consultation with the Principal and designated Superintendent, the Director may approve other textbooks to be provided at the expense of the Division.


  1. The Principal shall ensure that each teacher has available the approved Saskatchewan curriculum guides, course outlines and textbooks for the courses of study for which the teacher is responsible.
  2. Textbooks will be supplied to students free of charge but the Principal may:
    1. Levy fines for books which are lost, unduly damaged or destroyed due to a lack of proper care on the part of the student.
    2. In consultation with the designated Superintendent or Director, charge students for the value of consumable workbooks which may be recommended for use in certain subjects from time to time.
  3. If fines have been levied for lost, damaged or destroyed books, the school or Division office will hold the issuance of the student's final report card pending payment in full. Principals may refuse to issue textbooks or to grant library privileges pending the settlement of outstanding accounts.


Section 85, 87, 108, 109 Education Act

Regulation 37


June 2009

April 2014

November 2017