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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 513

Travel and Expenses



The Lloydminster Public School Division (LPSD) recognizes that its employees may be required to travel outside their normal workplace in order to perform LPSD duties, business or to attend approved Professional Development opportunities.

This Administrative Procedure (AP) is in place to ensure that all reimbursement of expenses are completed in a consistent manner according to the procedures set out below.


This AP applies to any employee, board member or other individual who incurs expenses while conducting LPSD business away from the City of Lloydminster.


  • This AP acknowledges LPSD’s status as a publicly funded organization and takes into consideration that associated level of public accountability related to all expenditure activities of the division.
  • This AP creates a process whereby the claimant and those with approval authority have a clear understanding of their respective accountabilities.
  • This AP will maximize the ease and efficiency in processing reimbursement claims for both the employee and the employer.
  • Original receipts are required for reimbursement and must be provided for all expenses not covered by the rate schedule outlined in Appendix A. Credit or debit card receipts are not considered original receipts unless the details of the reimbursement are fully disclosed.
  • Written approval from the Director of Education must be obtained prior to any travel arrangements being made for trips that will take the individual(s) outside of the provinces of Saskatchewan or Alberta.



Per Diem– a maximum amount that may be claimed without receipts or paid invoices.  All Per Diems shall be claimed and will be paid in Canadian funds and include any gratuity.

Prior Authorization – can come in the form of a verbal authorization, in writing or via e-mail

Host Allowance– when an employee makes private arrangements for accommodation (friends of family), a per night allowance is given

Domestic Travel– travel to all Canadian destinations and for with the rates set out in Appendix A shall apply

United States Travel– travel to all American destinations and for which the rates for meals and incidentals shall be the rates set out in Appendix A, but shall be in US dollars rather than Canadian.



Approval Process


  1. In order to receive reimbursement for expenses, a Payment Voucher form must be completed and signed by the claimant and approved authorizer.
  2. The authorizer has the responsibility to authorize and determine where business travel is necessary and to ensure that all travel arrangements are consistent with this policy. They must also ensure the correct budget codes are charged for the expenses.
  3. Original receipts are required for reimbursement and must be provided for all travel expenses not covered by rates as outlined in Appendix A. Original receipts are required to avoid duplication of payments, and to ensure proper claiming of GST rebates.
  4. The employee must consult with their supervisor who is responsible to ensure that all employee travel is LPSD business.
  5. When personal activities and family travel are combined with business travel, no expenses or risks related to the personal activities and family travel shall be incurred by the Division. Reimbursements for accommodations, meals and related expenses shall be paid for only the days associated directly with LPSD business for the LPSD employee only.
  6. The selection of the mode of transportation will be based on cost, duration, convenience, safety and practicality.
  7. All claims must be submitted to the Accounting department within 30 days of completion of the travel or the expense being incurred. Claims that are more than 3 months or older to not be processed.


Air Travel

  • Air travel will be reimbursed at actual costs.
  • Travel should be planned by traveling the most direct routes when possible, with a balance between direct routes and the dollar amount to be spent.
  • Advanced bookings for reduced fares should be arranged whenever possible.
  • Only Economy fares can be booked for Division travel.
  • All claims for air travel must be accounted for by submissions of a travel agent invoice or an e-ticket provided by the airline company clearly indicated the dates and times of departure and the person flying.

Personal Vehicles

  • Employees are responsible for ensuring that their personal vehicle insurance covers them for business use. LPSD will not pay the cost of additional business travel insurance if any additional premium is charged by the employee’s insurance company.
  • Reimbursement for actual distance traveled shall be at the rates outlined on the Rate Schedule in Appendix A.
  • For the purpose of mileage reimbursement, it is deemed that the place of departure and return is the employee’s normal place of employment.
  • For the purpose of mileage reimbursement, the distances provided in the Distance Chart included in Appendix A shall be used for the communities listed.
    Car rentals
  • With the approval of the appropriate authorizer, a rental vehicle may be used for Division related travel.
  • Rented automobiles should be non-luxury and of standards, compact, or sub-compact size. Consideration of larger vehicles will be given in cases of larger groups,  and/or identified need of the activity.
  • LPSD carried a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy, therefore employees are advised when renting vehicles for Division business in Canada or the U.S. to rent the vehicle in the Divisions name and waive the liability and collision insurance.
    Sundry Transportation Expenses
  • Expenses such as parking, road tolls, taxis, airport buses, and public transportation are reimbursable subject to the presentation of receipts.
    Accommodation Expenses



  • Accommodation is provided for business travel where an overnight stay is involved in the approved travel.
  • Accommodations will be limited to reasonable amounts and normally will not exceed the single occupancy rate
  • Reimbursable hotel and motel expenses include the cost of the room and applicable taxes only.
  • Receipts will be required for reimbursement, as credit card slips do not provide sufficient information.
  • It is the employee’s responsibility to provide timely cancellation notice when and where appropriate. The employee will be responsible for any costs incurred if they fail to give proper notice of cancellation, or if cancellation is for a non-work related reason.  Cancellation due to illness will be acceptable.

Host Allowance

  • Receipts are not required to claim this allowance, refer to Appendix A for the per night rate.

Internet and Communication Charges

  • If applicable, the employee should have internet charges billed directly to their hotel room.
  • Where possible VOIP (i.e. Skype, FaceTime) phone services should be used for international calls.
  • In the event that internet or VOIP series are not available, the Division will reimburse the employee for the costs of one personal long distance call for each overnight stay.
  • The call should be restricted to a reasonable length, and should appear on the hotel bill or home/cellular telephone bill.
    Meal Expenses
  • For each meal that is required while away from home on Division business, the employee will claim a per diem, with no requirement to provide receipts. Therefore, if the employee is NOT on Division business or NOT away from home, no meal allowance claim is permitted.
  • For travel of less than one day, where the round trip is completed on the same day and overnight accommodation is not required, partial day meal per diems may be claimed in accordance with the following schedule:


Departure before or at

Return after










  • Refer to Appendix A for approved rates which include tips and taxes for domestic and U.S. Travel
  • An employee may NOT claim a meal allowance for meals included in registration fees for conferences, meetings, hotel or airline, or if the meal is paid for by a third party (another institution or a business associate).

Passport and Travel Visas

  • Passports and the costs associated with them are the responsibility of the employee. Travel visas and the costs associated with them are the responsibility of LPSD.
    In-city Travel
  • When a personal vehicle is uses to travel within the community on Division business, the Division will reimburse for actual distance travelled at the in-town rate outlined in Appendix A.

Ineligible Expenses

  • The division has the sole right to determine eligible expenses. The following expenses, but not limited to, will not be reimbursed
    • Air travel cancellation insurance
    • Personal grooming expenses and services
    • Car washes
    • Costs resulting from failure to cancel a guaranteed reservation
    • Medical bills, prescriptions, etc…
    • Toiletries
    • Movie Rentals
    • Traffic and parking violations
    • Other items not explicitly covered by the travel policy



November 2017