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Student Conduct


The Division believes it has a responsibility to set standards of student conduct which develop and promote the growth of student self-discipline and encourage and reinforce responsible behavior. The Division also believes that parents share the responsibility to promote appropriate student behavior and that the community has an inherent interest and role in reinforcing acceptable behavior of its youth.

The Director supports staff in the maintenance of proper order and discipline and believes that students, staff and parents must share the responsibility for student discipline in school.

The Division believes all students have the right to be safe and secure in school. With that right comes the responsibility to respect the rights of those around them, and to accept the rewards and consequences of their behavior.


  1. Behavioral Expectations
    1. Work Ethic
      1. Expectations:
        1. Students must attend school regularly and punctually.
        2. Students will complete all assignments and homework.
        3. Students will work to the best of their ability.
        4. Students will continually strive for excellence in all endeavors.
      2. Respect for Self and Others
        1. Expectations:
          1. Students will dress appropriately and use appropriate language and deportment.
          2. Students will respect the safety and well being of all the school.
          3. Students will contribute to a learning environment that is free from physical, emotional and social abuse.
      3. Respect for Authority
        1. Expectations:
          1. Students will adhere to all Division and school procedures.
          2. Students will cooperate fully with everyone authorized by the Division to provide educational programs and services.
          3. Students will conduct themselves with respect for legal authority.
      4. Respect for Property
        1. Expectations:
          1. Students will respect school property.
          2. Students will respect the property of others.
  2. Every student is accountable: 
    1. To the teacher for their conduct on school premises during school hours, and during such hours when the teacher is in charge of the pupil either in class or out of the school while engaged in authorized school activities conducted in out-of-school hours. 
    2. To the principal and members of the teaching staff at any time that he/she is under the supervision of the school including time spent travelling between the school and place of residence.
    3. To the driver of a school bus, and any other person appointed by the division for the purposes of supervision during hours when pupils are in the personal charge of such employees, or persons appointed by the division. Those appointed persons shall be responsible to and report to, the principal. 
  3. Students are expected to conform to the rules of the school as set out by the principal. Students are subject to discipline as would be exercised by a kind, firm and judicious parent. 
  4. When responding to unacceptable student behaviour, the following are to be considered: 
    1. The effect of the behaviour upon other students, staff, the school and the community; 
    2. The nature of the action or incident that calls for disciplinary or intervention measures; 
    3. The student’s previous conduct and previous interventions; 
    4. The student’s age, maturity and abilities; 
    5. The impact of the proposed action on the student’s future behaviour;
    6. The student’s learning needs 



Section 85, 87, 109, 150, 151, 175 Education Act


April 2018