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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 525

Community Partnerships


Consistent with the Lloydminster Public School Division statement of its mission, values, and beliefs, the Lloydminster Public School Division believes that planned, mutually beneficial activities between the Lloydminster Public School Division or schools and community businesses, agencies, and organizations are desirable.  Such partnerships build bridges between the business world and education, provide enriching experiences for staff members and students, offer the Lloydminster Public School Division's and the organization's staff members opportunities for professional development, increase the community's awareness of programs in schools, and opportunities to develop future citizens.


  1. A formal partnership agreement between the Lloydminster Public School Division or a school and a community partner is characterized as an ongoing and voluntary relationship based on a mutual sharing of resources and time.
  2. Partnerships may be initiated by a Superintendent or Principal with the approval of the Director of Education, and shall be renewed on a yearly basis because the success of community partnerships is dependent upon the involvement and participation of staff. The School Community Council will be consulted before any partnership is initiated. The terms of the relationship will be agreed to in advance between the sponsor and the Superintendent or Principal.
  3. Sample partnership agreements shall be made available by the Lloydminster Public School Division for use by Principals for continued relationships. A copy of these agreements shall be retained by the parties and filed with the Chief Financial Officer.
  4. Partnership relationships between an organization and the Lloydminster Public School Division or a school are endorsed, provided that the proposed activities:
    1. Are consistent with the values, goals, and objectives of the educational program;
    2. Respond to a clearly understood educational need;|
    3. Support and do not undermine, either implicitly or explicitly, existing curriculum, or policy;
    4. Focus on cooperative activities that are mutually beneficial;
    5. Do not directly benefit in a material way an individual student or staff member;
    6. Are subject to Lloydminster Public School Division procedures regarding accounting and auditing; and,
    7. Neither exploits a captive audience nor exerts direct pressure to compel students, parents/caregivers, or the school community to support any commercial enterprise.
  5. (The public trust and image of the Lloydminster Public School Division or school shall not be compromised by the nature of the agreement.)

Section 85, 87, 175 Education Act, 1995  
Section 38 The School Division Administration Regulations

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