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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 302

Non-Resident Students


Section 173(1) of The Education Act, 1995 defines a resident as “… a person whose place of residence is inside the boundaries of the school division in which the person seeks or is provided with educational services.”

Section 173(3) states that:

“A board of education may charge tuition fees calculated in accordance with the regulations with respect to a pupil where the pupil, or a parent or guardian of a pupil, is a resident, but where neither the pupil nor a parent of the pupil is:

(a)  a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
(b)  lawfully admitted to Canada as a temporary resident;
(c)  a refugee or the subject of a refugee claim made in the previous year; or
(d)  a reciprocal exchange student.”


  1. Saskatchewan or Alberta students, who are non-residents of Lloydminster Public School
    Division may be admitted subject to the following conditions:
    1. The student or home school division wishing to enroll a student in Lloydminster
      Public School Division makes application to the Principal;
    2. Space, material, and appropriate staffing are available to accommodate the student.; and,
    3. Registration fees may be charged for online courses.
  2. Exchange students may be admitted subject to the following conditions:
    1. The Principal approves the request for admission.
    2. Exchange students who are not eligible for grant recognition are required to pay
      100% of the computed tuition fee amount.
    3. Tuition fees are to be waived for students who are eligible for grant recognition. 
      Eligible students are those engaged in a year or partial year of study in the
      Lloydminster Public School Division as part of a reciprocal exchange program.
    4. A reciprocal exchange program is one where at least one (1) student from the
      Lloydminster Public School Division is benefiting from an equivalent time period of studies in another country and not paying tuition. This exchange may include a year or partial year of student at the secondary level
      immediately following grade 12.
    5. An exception to the definition of reciprocal exchange programs is a program where
      there are specific one to one exchange arrangements between foreign countries and the respective provinces.
  3. International students may be admitted subject to the following conditions:
    1. Students required admission in accordance with Lloydminster Public School Division requirements and directions.
    2. Applications are completely processed and returned to the Chief Financial Officer for enrolment.
    3. Appropriate fees are paid when all documentation has been received and the application approved by the Chief Financial Officer.
    4. Students who last attended school in a country other than Canada, may, prior to
      admission to a school in the Lloydminster Public School Division, be required by
      the Principal to have their previous educational standing evaluated by the Ministry of Education.

Section 85, 87, 142, 145, 171, 173, 175 Education Act, 1995
Section 38 The School Division Administration Regulations
Regulation 22 The Education Regulations

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