Instructional Programs and Materials 205

Instructional Materials and Equipment


The Division is responsible for the selection of all instructional materials and equipment. The selection of such materials and equipment shall be made in accordance with the criteria and objectives as found in these procedures.


  1. Objectives for the Selection of Instructional Materials
    1. The primary objective in the selection of materials is to implement, enrich and support the educational program of the school. Materials shall include:
      1. Materials that will enrich and support the curriculum, taking into consideration the varied interests, abilities, and maturity levels of students served.
      2. Materials that will stimulate growth in factual knowledge, literary appreciation, aesthetic values, and ethical standards.
      3. Materials which will provide background information enabling students to make intelligent judgments in their daily lives.
      4. Materials of a high quality in order to ensure a comprehensive collection appropriate for the users of the school.
  1. Responsibility for Selection of Materials: The responsibility for the judicious selection of instructional materials for use in schools is delegated to the professionally-trained personnel employed by the school system. These persons are to be guided by recommended lists of instructional materials authorized by Saskatchewan Education and/or the Director.


  1. Complaints and Challenges Regarding Instructional Materials
    1. In the event of a complaint regarding the use of certain instructional materials the following procedure shall apply:
      1. A copy of this administrative procedure shall be given to the complainant.
      2. The complainant shall try to resolve his/her differences regarding the resource material in question with the Principal of the school.
      3. Should the complainant wish to pursue the matter beyond the school level, he/she and the Principal shall complete Form 205-1, Complaint About Instructional Materials By A Parent Or Elector. This completed form will then be forwarded to the office of the Director.
    2. The Director shall call a meeting of an ad-hoc Instructional Materials Review Committee which comprises a teacher, a teacher-librarian from a different school, the Principal, and the designated Superintendent.
    3. The Instructional Materials Review Committee shall make recommendations to the Director about the offending material; this Committee would be entrusted with the task of recommending withdrawal; suspension; restriction of the material; no action; or further study.
  1. Selection of Equipment
    1. The major responsibility for the selection of equipment is delegated to the Principal in consultation with the designated Superintendent.


Section 85, 87, 108, 109 Education Act

Regulation 37


June 2009

April 2014

February 2019