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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 157

Advertising and Distribution of Materials in School


Lloydminster Public School Division has a responsibility to prevent the schools from being used as a means or an economical or convenient avenue of approach, to parents/caregivers and students or for distribution of materials, goods, and services by non-school related agencies or individuals.

However, certain campaigns, distribution, and advertising through schools without undue interference to the educational operation of the school, when they result in direct and specific benefit to students, are deemed to be appropriate for school participation.


  1. The distribution of materials and announcements relative to education, community organizations, school, or school related fundraising shall first be approved by the Director of Education, or designate and then left to the discretion of the Principal.
  2. Advertising materials may be accepted for use in schools, if:
    1. The materials are judged by the Principal to have sufficient educational or other value to justify their being used; and,
    2. The conditions of their use within the schools are determined solely by the Principal and are not imposed by any outside organization.
  3. The advertising and sale of school related services such as school photos, yearbooks, calendars, agendas, school clothing, and jewelry are permitted at the discretion of the Principal.
  4. The advertising of educational products or services aimed at staff by a commercial business is permitted if the products or services may be of interest to staff and the Principal approves the specific print material. Such advertisements shall be restricted to the staffroom or staff mailboxes.
  5. Unsolicited advertisements of non-school commercial activities, products, or services will not be sent home with students but may be displayed within the school at the discretion of the Principal.  
  6. The distribution of materials relative to fund raising for or in conjunction with community organizations or businesses, school, or school-related fundraising shall be at the discretion of the Principal.  All fund raising activities shall comply with Division provisions.
  7.  Students are not to be requested to take home any advertising materials unless the school or
    Lloydminster Public School Division endorses the particular product, service, or program.
  8.  Materials of a religious nature are not to be distributed to students or staff.
  9.  Distribution of materials not described above would require Director of Education approval.
  10.  The distribution of material through Division Office without the prior approval of the 
    Director of Education is prohibited.
  11.  Supply of lists of names and addresses of staff or students to any outside individual, 
    company, or organization is prohibited.



Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act


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