Students 341

Duties of Students


The duties of students enrolled in Lloydminster Public School Division shall be as set out in the Section 150 of the Education Act, 1995.



  1. Students shall be responsible for conforming to the rules established by the Principal and staff in each school. (See Administrative Procedures 350 and 351).
  2. For purposes of clarification, the duties of students as outlined in The Education Act are as follows:
    1. “In the exercise of his or her right of access to schools and to the benefits of the educational services…, every student shall cooperate fully with all persons employed by the Board and any other persons who have been lawfully assigned responsibilities and functions with respect to the instructional program of the school or any special or ancillary services that may be provided or approved by the Board or Saskatchewan Learning.
    2. Every student shall:
      1. Attend school regularly and punctually;
      2. Purchase any supplies and materials not furnished by the school/school division that the Principal considers necessary for any particular course of instruction;
      3. Observe reasonable standards with respect to cleanliness and tidiness of person, general deportment, obedience, courtesy and respect of the rights of other persons;
      4. Be diligent in his/her studies;
      5. Conform to the rules of the school;
      6. Submit to any discipline that would be exercised by a kind, firm and judicious parent.”
    3. “Every student is accountable:
      1. To the teacher for his/her conduct on the school premises during school hours and during such hours as the teacher is in charge of the student in class or while engaged in authorized school activities conducted in out-of-school hours;
      2. To the Principal for his/her general deportment at any time that he/she is under the supervision of the school and members of the teaching staff, including the time spent in travelling between the school and his/her place of residence;
      3. Subject to the stated policies of the Board, to the driver of a school bus and to any other person appointed by the Board for the purposes of supervision during hours when students are in the personal charge of such employees of the Board, and those employees shall be accountable to and report to the Principal in accordance with the procedures approved by the Board.”
  3. The Principal shall be responsible for appropriately communicating to students and parents the duties of students and expectations of the school.



Section 150, 151, 175(2)(I), Education Act