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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 219

Course Challenge Process


The Lloydminster Public School Division recognizes that some students are able to demonstrate a high level of achievement of the learning objectives of a particular course without spending the required hours enrolled in the course. The intention is to allow students to challenge a course and to demonstrate the course requirements through a rigorous and comprehensive challenge process, in order to move on to further learning. To accommodate this, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education has developed a process for challenging courses for credit.  


  1. To challenge a course, the student must be enrolled in the Lloydminster Public School Division.
    1. The school will administer the course challenge process within provincial guidelines
      and Lloydminster Public School Division procedures.
    2. A maximum of two (2) provincially developed course credits may be challenged at the 10 or 20 level. 
    3. A teacher who has previously taught the course at least twice is qualified to
      administer the course challenge process.
    4. The course challenge process is to include appropriate assessment techniques that
      measure the level of student attainment of course objectives.
    5. The student must attain a minimum of 80% through the course challenge process in
      order to be granted credit.  The percentage mark attained will be recorded on the
      student’s transcript.
    6. Students who are not successful in the course challenge process shall not be allowed
      to challenge the same course a second time.  In order to receive credit for the course,
      these students will be required to register in and successfully complete that course.
    7. The Lloydminster Public High Schools, 
      in consultation with the Director of Education or designate, will determine which
      courses at the 10 or 20 level may be challenged. This decision will
      be based upon whether teachers have taught a particular course at least twice.
    8. Students shall complete the Intent to Challenge FORM 219-1.
  2. The course instructor shall develop assessment strategies for a challenge process
    based upon course requirements and upon current classroom assessment techniques.  Course
    objectives will be listed with the assessment strategies and shall be available to attach to the
    Intent to Challenge Course form. It is anticipated that teachers of a particular course will meet
    at the beginning of the school year to share assessment strategies and develop a challenge
    process. Annually, the respective teachers of the particular course are to review each
    course challenge process.
    1. A time will be determined for the course challenge based on the availability of the
      teacher involved.
    2. The school will communicate to parents/caregivers and students the availability,
      procedures, objectives, and assessment strategies for course challenges.
    3. To challenge a course, the student must make a formal written request to the
      Principal and then submit the completed Intent to Challenge Course form to the Principal.
    4. Students shall take the responsibility for providing evidence of readiness to
      challenge a course (ie: a high mark in a prerequisite course, selections from a  
      portfolio or other collection, recommendation from a previous teacher,
      documentation of work, or other experience, etc).
    5. The decision to proceed with a course challenge process by evaluating the Intent to
      Challenge Course form will be determined at the school by a team of at least two (2)
      individuals (to include the Principal and the teacher who will administer the
      challenge process).  Arrival at this decision shall include discussion of the student’s
      chance of successfully meeting the exemplary level in the course challenge and,
      subsequently, the student’s capacity to successfully complete the course at the next level.
    6. If the Intent to Challenge is refused, the student is required to register in and
      successfully complete that course in order to receive credit for the course.
    7. The Principal will notify students of the approval or refusal of their Intent to
      Challenge within two weeks. Refusals will be documented according to criteria.
      Approvals will state a date for completion of the challenge process.
    8. Students who successfully complete the challenge process will be granted one (1)
      credit for the course. The mark shall be submitted to Saskatchewan Ministry of


Section 85, 87, 168, 169, 170, 175, 231 Education Act, 1995
Course Challenge Process, Policy and Procedures (October 1988)

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