Instructional Programs and Materials 240

Guidance Program


The Division directs that guidance and counseling services be provided to students to enable them to plan, select and pursue studies for their educational, personal, and vocational advancement.


  1. In kindergarten through grade eight career education – life skills are to be integrated with the regular subjects of the curriculum as much as possible. Personal counselling services will also be available to all students.
  2. Secondary schools are required to implement career and personal counselling services for students providing them with specific information regarding career clinics, tests related to career choices and information pertaining to post secondary institutions. 
  3. Personal counseling services shall be available to all students. When students require intensive personal counseling, parents shall be consulted regarding referrals to external human service agencies.


Section 85, 87, 108, 109, 191, Education Act


June 2009

December 2017