Instructional Programs and Materials 290

Research Studies


The Division recognizes its responsibility to share educational experiences and provides opportunities for individuals to interact with the system and its schools.


  1. All applications to undertake research projects or surveys within the school system or to obtain assistance from the system with respect to studies or research projects shall be submitted to the Director or designate.
  2. After due consideration and applying the criteria identified in this administrative procedure, an application will, depending upon its nature be approved or denied.
  3. Research projects undertaken by or for the system shall be conducted and/or coordinated by the Director or designate.
  4. The Superintendent of Administration shall be responsible for the financial arrangements for research projects.
  5. Externally initiated research projects may be terminated at any time if, in the judgment of the Director or designate, the guidelines established for the study have been violated.
  6. Research studies will be approved and conducted according to the following procedures.
    1. All applications shall be satisfactorily completed at least one month in advance of the study and must be submitted to the Director or designate. Timelines shorter than one month will be considered if extenuating circumstances exist.
    2. Requests to undertake graduate level research or survey studies must be submitted to the Director.
    3. Upon completion of the study, the researcher shall be required to submit to the Director a complete report plus an abstract describing the project and the findings.
    4. The following criteria will be used by the Director or designate in considering research studies:
      1. The study should have recognizable value to the school system and/or to education in general;
      2. The content of any proposed questionnaire or survey instrument must not be objectionable to staff, students, or parents;
      3. The involvement of students or teachers does not require an unreasonable amount of time;
      4. The willingness of schools or individuals to participate;
      5. The number of research studies planned or underway in the school system.
  7. The Director or designate shall, when necessary, ensure that the contents of a study are held in confidence.


Section 85, 87, 108, 109, 110, 175, Education Act


June 2009

November 2017