Business Administration 556

Use of Leased or Private Vehicles


The Transportation Manager may arrange for an alternate method of student transportation, other than the Division owned vehicles, for the sole purpose of providing a convenience for students.  Requests and approval for transportation utilizing rented vehicles will be done by submitting google *Form 260-1, and receiving confirmation from the Transportation Department. 



  1. Rented Vehicles
    1. When it is deemed advisable or necessary, vehicles will be rented from commercial vehicle rental firms. 
    2. The driver of a rented vehicle shall, whenever possible, be an employee of the Division. 
    3. The driver shall be approved by the Principal or designate. 
    4. The Principal shall immediately report changes in transportation requests to the Transportation Manager.
  2. Volunteers/Division Non-Owned Vehicles
    1. If methods of transportation other than Division owned bus, contracted bus or rented vehicles are to be used, approval must be given by the Principal or designate. 
    2. Where staff-driven contracted vehicles or privately-owned vehicles are used to transport students to a school-sponsored activity, the following safety measures shall apply:
      1. The number of passengers shall not exceed the seating capacity available. 
      2. The seatbelts of the vehicle shall be utilized. 
      3. A Driver Volunteer Form, Form 556-1, must be completed prior to transporting students.
        1.  Driver Volunteer Forms are only valid for the School year in which they were filled in.  A new form is required after the start of a new school year.
        2. A copy of form 556-1 will be kept on file at the school
  3. Funding Arrangements for Leased Vehicles
    1. The rates charged to schools for contracted vehicles used for travel shall be in accordance with Administrative Procedure 555, Section 2.
    2. When private vehicles are used for travel approved by principal re-imbursement to the vehicle owner and charges to the school shall be at the LPSD mileage rate in effect at the time.



Section 85, 87, 175, 179, 194, 195, 196, 197, Education Act
Section 38, The School Division Administration Regulations
Highway Traffic Act


August 2014
December 2017

*Contact school administration for referenced form