General Administration 191

Copy Machine Use


The Division will endeavor to provide suitable copy machines and materials for the exclusive use by its staff to enhance the daily operation of its system.


  1. Copy machines are provided to support the educational and administrative functions of Division facilities. Staff is encouraged to use the services of commercial copy service providers for personal copying projects.
  2. The foregoing notwithstanding, the division recognizes that division copy machines/printer may be used for small personal printing jobs. In these cases, no reimbursement is owed, however should a staff member choose to use a Division copier for a larger personal projects, the individual should re-imburse the Division a reasonable amount for the use of Division supplies. 
  3. The amount of the reimbursement will be at the discretion of the facilities supervisor, and is to be paid into the petty cash fund of the facility in which the copier is situated.
  4. As with Division related printing jobs, personal printing on Division owned equipment should not contravene the Copyright Act.
  5. Staff’s personal use of the Division’s copiers is subject to the approval of the facility’s supervisor (Principal, maintenance supervisor or Superintendent of Administration).


Section 85, 87, 175, 231, Education Act

Section 38, The School Division Administration Regulations

Copyright Act


April 14, 2009


December 2017