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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 417

Extracurricular Supervision


The Lloydminster Public School Division recognizes the significant benefits that accrue to students from participation in extracurricular school based activities.  The Lloydminster Public School Division appreciates, further, that it is the commitment and talent of teachers who supervise the range of extracurricular activities that add greatly to the benefits experienced by students.  Although all teachers are expected to share in the supervision of extracurricular activities, it is noted that some teachers devote significant numbers of hours and some make extraordinary contributions of their time.  It is the intent of this Administrative Procedure to provide to teachers earned days off (EDO) in recognition of their contributions to the supervision of extracurricular activities.

The Lloydminster Public School Division will provide earned days off, with pay, to teachers who supervise extracurricular activities.


  1. For purposes of this Administrative Procedure, extracurricular supervision shall be:
    1. Voluntary time for both teachers and students;
    2. Activities that occur outside the regular hours of instruction;
    3. Activities involve direct interaction with students and benefit students’ social, emotional and/or physical development;
  2. Extracurricular supervision is not for:
    1. Academic support (study groups, tutorial supports);
    2. Curricular field trips;
    3. School events (curricular concerts, achievement nights, graduation, etc.); and,
    4. Time spent during recess breaks (recess falls within the regular hours of instruction).
  3. Time spent during the noon period will be counted towards extracurricular supervision if it meets the criteria as described in Procedure 1.
  4. Time spent providing scheduled noon hour supervision, (without remuneration of pay), can be counted towards extracurricular supervision.
  5. For each approved activity, teachers may log up to 10% of their total hours for organizing and administering the extracurricular activity, (without students).
  6. For any extracurricular or curricular event that requires an overnight stay, the supervising teacher(s) may claim all hours outside of the regular hours of instruction.
  7. At the outset of each school year, teachers who wish to apply for earned days off will submit a completed form (Form 417-1) to the Principal. The Principal will submit a form (Form 417-2) to the Superintendent of Education, listing the names of all teachers who have agreed to provide extracurricular supervision for the current school year.
  8. Teachers will complete an electronic summary of extracurricular hours each month.  These hours will be verified by the Principal and any changes to proposed hours will be made.
  9. Earned days off for extracurricular activities shall be earned at the following rates:
    1. 25 - 69 hours - 1 day;
    2. 70 - 199 hours - 2 days;
    3. 200 - 299 hours - 3 days;
    4. 300 - 399 hours - additional day paid out at current substitute rate; and,
    5. 400 hours plus - additional day paid out at current substitute rate.
  10. The preceding clause notwithstanding, designated teachers who receive additional scheduled release or preparation time in recognition of the extraordinary time commitments associated with specified extracurricular tasks, will be eligible for a maximum of two (2) earned days, off with pay.
  11. Earned days off taken must be arranged with the approval of the Principal, bearing in mind
    the operational requirements of the school.
  12. Teachers may carry forward one (1) earned day off to the following school year. Teachers will be limited to using a maximum of five (5) consecutive days (combination of personal and earned days off ) each year.  Teachers who choose to carry forward one (1) earned day off must complete Form 417-3 by June 7th and forward it to the Finance Department.
  13. If a teacher has not used their earned day(s) off and is not carrying forward an earned day off they, shall be paid out for each remaining day, equal to the current substitute rate.  Payment will be made at the end of June.
  14. In the event that a teacher who qualified for earned days off by virtue of having agreed to supervise particular extracurricular activities, and who used the earned days off, should fail to perform the agreed extracurricular supervision, the Lloydminster Public School Division will deduct from the final cheque of the school year, an amount equal to that which would be deducted for the equivalent period of leave without pay.
  15. Teachers who formally provide extracurricular supervision shall be reimbursed for the cost of lodging, meals, and other out of pocket expenses. Reimbursement shall be provided from School Generated Funds.

Section 85, 87, 175, 231 Education Act, 1995

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