Instructional Programs and Materials 280

Evaluation of Curriculum and Instruction


In order to ensure that the educational needs and goals of students are being met, and to ensure excellence in education, an on-going program of evaluation of curriculum and instruction must be carried out in the Division.


  1. The Director is responsible for the general supervision of the curriculum of the schools and has the authority to delegate the implementation, development and on-going evaluation of the program of studies to the professional staff.
  2. The Principal, in accordance with the designated Superintendent, is responsible for the organization of the curriculum of the school and for ensuring that the provincially and locally-approved curricula are implemented.
  3. The Director may submit major modifications from the provincial curriculum to the Saskatchewan Education for approval.
  4. The Superintendent, in consultation with the Director, shall be responsible for coordinating evaluation projects in the system and for preparing reports for the consideration of the Director.


Section 85, 87, 108, 109, 175, Education Act 


June 2009

November 2017