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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 439



The Lloydminster Public School Division deems it appropriate to provide a severance allowance for certain employees who were on staff as of December 31, 1988.

A resolution of the Board of Education dated November 21, 1974 has provided severance benefits to certain non-teaching employees who were under contract up to January 1, 1989. Employees engaged as of that date have not been covered by its provisions.  As the previous resolution has come to be accepted as a condition of employment by some workers engaged prior to January 1, 1989, the Lloydminster Public School Division is prepared to continue to make its benefits available to these individuals, in keeping with the following procedures.


  1. An employee dismissed for cause shall receive no severance allowance.
  2. An employee who resigns and does not give thirty (30) days notice prior to the effective date of the resignation shall receive no severance allowance.
  3. An employee, upon termination of employment due to layoff, personal reasons, retirement due to ill health, or normal retirement by age, as defined above, shall be entitled to a severance allowance on the following basis, after completing ten (10) years of service and up to and including the date of severance, one-tenth of the accumulated sick leave, plus three (3) days for each year of service to a maximum of sixty (60) days, at the daily rate of pay at the date of severance.

Section 85, 87, Education Act, 1995

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