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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 351

Exclusion, Suspension or Expulsion of Students


The Division believes that all disciplinary measures taken are to be those that would be exercised by a kind, firm, and judicious parent. The emphasis of such actions shall be corrective rather than punitive and take into account the cause of misbehavior. In every instance, consultation involving staff, parents and/or students is of prime importance. 

Further, the Division will make provisions under which disciplinary action involving exclusion, suspension, or expulsion may be authorized, confirmed, modified, or removed, ensures expeditious investigation and treatment of problems between a student and the school. 



Throughout all procedures that follow, school officials must be cognizant of the rights of the student and parent/guardian as provided for in legislation. 

  1. Exclusions 
    1. When a teacher excludes a student from class under Section 231 of The Education Act, the teacher shall report in writing by the conclusion of the day the circumstances of that exclusion. The letter shall be addressed to the Principal, who shall take such action as he/she deems necessary and appropriate.
    2. Letters outlining circumstances of exclusions shall be kept on file by the Principal. Attached to the letter there is to be a memo outlining action, if any, taken by the Principal. 
  2. Suspensions
    1. In schools of the Division, only the Principal will have the authority to suspend a student.
    2. When a Principal suspends a student from the school for not more than three days under Section 154 of The Education Act, the parent or guardian shall immediately be advised of the circumstances and action taken. 
    3. The Principal shall write a memo outlining the day, date, time, and circumstances of the suspension. The memo shall be kept on file to be used in the event that future circumstances warrant an investigation. A letter will also be sent to the parent/guardian that outlines the circumstances of the suspension, before the expiry of the suspension.
    4. When a Principal suspends a student from the school for a period of four to ten days under Section 154 of The Education Act, the Director or designate shall receive a report forthwith and, at the same time, the parent or guardian of the student shall be notified concerning the action taken. The Principal shall: 
      1. Deliver within two school days after the day of suspension, a written report of the circumstances of suspension to the Director or designate and send a complimentary copy to the parent or guardian. The report shall state that the student has been informed of the reason for the suspension and shall state the reason. The letter shall also outline procedures whereby the student and/or his parent or guardian can obtain a hearing with the Principal if either or both desire. 
    5. For the period of the suspension, the Principal or designate shall provide the student with appropriate instructional/assessment materials in a timely manner.
    6. The Director or other person authorized to act on his behalf shall, upon receipt of the report of a suspension in excess of three days, confirm, modify, or remove the suspension. Where the suspension is confirmed or modified, the Director or person authorized to act in his absence shall forthwith report in writing to the Board the action taken in order that the Board may consider such further action as the Board may see fit to take. The Director or designate will notify the parent/guardian via a letter that suspension has been confirmed or modified.  The letter shall also outline procedures whereby the student and/or his parent or guardian can obtain a hearing with the Director or designate if either or both desire.
    7. When Director or designate confirms a suspension of ten days or recommends an extension of the suspension beyond ten days, the Board authorizes the Director or designate to refer the matter to a committee. The committee shall consist of an Superintendent and at least two of the following: 
      1. The Board Chair 
      2. The Vice-Chair 
      3. A trustee 

The committee's decision shall be promptly reported to the Board and have the same effect as if made by the Board. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Director is authorized to refer the matter to the Board if circumstances and time appear to make this advisable. 


Section 148, 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 156, 157, 158, 159, 160, 161, 162, 175, 231 Education Act 

Cross-Reference: Policy 13 – Appeals and Hearings Regarding Student Matters


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