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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 555

Bus Use for Student Travel


The Transportation Manager administers the use of the Lloydminster Public School Division owned and contracted vehicles for the sole purpose of providing conveyance for their students. 


  1. Bus Service Involving the Schools
    1. Field Trips requiring the use of busses and/or contacted vehicles must be approved by the Principal in accordance with Administrative Procedures 260 and 261. (Form 260-1)
    2. The completed Transportation Request form (Form 260-1) should be submitted to the Transportation Manager online at least ten (10) school days prior to the date on which the bus is to be used for out of town trips and five (5) school days for in city trips. 
    3. Daily student transportation services to and from school shall take priority over all field trip requests. 
    4. All transportation requests are subject to the availability of approved drivers, buses, or contracted vehicles. Transportation requests shall be deemed confirmed upon posting to the Transportation Calendar.
    5. The Principal shall immediately report changes in transportation requests to the Transportation Manager.
  2. Funding Arrangements
    1. Curricular Trips
      1. The following rate schedule shall be used by the Lloydminster Public School Division when calculating fees charged to schools:
        1. Trips within the Lloydminster Public School Division boundaries and/or up to fifty (50 kms) (round trip) - fifty dollars ($50.00) per round trip per vehicle;
        2. Trips beyond fifty (50 kms) from Lloydminster - sixty cents ($0.60) per kilometer round trip; and,
        3. When a contracted vehicle is requested instead of a Lloydminster Public School Division owned bus, the school shall be charged the actual cost of the contracted vehicle.
    2. Unfunded Travel
      1. There are other school rated excursions that shall be funded entirely by participants:
        1. Post-secondary institute visits; and,
        2. Spectator travel.
      2. Actual costs for the vehicle and driver shall be charged to the school.
    3. Area of Responsibility - Driver and Supervisor on a Bus Trip
      1. The Driver:
        1. Is charged with having the bus at the designated point of pick up, from that time until the field trip is completed, and is responsible for the safe transportation of their passengers. 
        2. The supervising teacher is responsible to provide the driver with the following information prior to departure on trips outside Lloydminster Public School Division boundaries:
          1. The one (1) person responsible for the supervision of the passengers. (Even though there may be more than one (1) chaperone, one adult  is to be designated as the person in charge of student behavior.);
          2. Time of pick up and the place;
          3. Itinerary, including destination, route, planned stops, (meals, etc.), and accommodation arrangements;
          4. Complete list of passengers, including chaperones and non student passengers;
          5. Any further use of bus services before departure for home; and,
          6. Time and place of pick up before starting home journey.
        3. Although the driver is not charged with the responsibility for the supervision of the passengers, they will draw to the attention of the supervisor of the group any situation which concerns their area of responsibility. Any failure on the part of the supervisor to correct the problem is then to be reported to the Transportation Manager who will follow up with the Principal. Principals will investigate matters brought to their attention in accordance with established procedures.
      2. The Supervisor:
        1. Extenuating circumstances which may require itinerary changes are to be reported to the Principal, at the earliest possible time.  When such circumstances alter the planned time of return to home base, every effort must be made to relay the change in plans to the Principal.  This will be the responsibility of the group supervisor, unless the change in plans is made by the bus driver, in which case they will notify the Transportation Manager and the Principal.
    4. Responsibilities of Driver and Trip Supervisor
      1. There must be complete cooperation between driver and supervisor. Each one is to respect the other’s area of responsibility, and must be willing to assist the other when called upon. In case of conflict which cannot be resolved by the two, a phone call is to be made to the Principal or Transportation Manager, whose responsibility it will be to make a final decision. The phone call is to be made by the one whose area of responsibility is in question.
    5. Inclement Weather
      1. In the event of inclement weather or forecasts of inclement weather that may impact travel conditions for field trips prior to departure, trips may be cancelled at the discretion of either the Transportation Manager, the Principal, or the supervisor. Should the postponement of a return trip be deemed necessary by either the bus driver and/or supervisor, they shall:
        1. Make arrangements for the safety and well being of the trip participants;
        2. Notify the Principal and Transportation Manager of the return trip postponement; and,
        3. Notify the Principal and Transportation Manager once weather conditions improve allowing for safe travel conditions.

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Section 38 The School Division Administration Regulations
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