Personnel and Employee Relations 435

Support Staff Employee Sick Leave and Accumulated Sick Leave


The Division will provide sick leave and accumulated sick leave to all employees not covered by the Teachers’ Collective Agreement. Casual employees, summer staff and noon hour supervisors are exempted from this administrative procedure.


  1. The Director, Superintendents and Managers are entitled to sick leave and accumulated sick leave benefits as defined in their individual contract.
  2. Requirements for medical examinations and documentation are detailed in Administrative Procedure 411 – Medical Examinations.
  3. With the exception of those positions identified in procedure 1, all employees covered by this procedure shall be entitled to sick leave calculated as follows:
    1. Sick Leave Entitlement
      1. An employee shall earn sick leave based on ten percent  of regular hours worked, excluding overtime, with a maximum entitlement of twenty (20) days per year.  Any unused sick leave days during a school calendar year shall be accumulated to a maximum of one hundred and eighty (180) days.  A year shall be from July 1st to June 30th.
      2. Sick leave entitlement is earned on sick pay.  The basis of entitlement being the regular hours normally worked.
      3. After complete or partial depletion on account of sickness, accumulation shall recommence at the normal rate under the normal entitlement conditions.
  4. Every employee in case of sickness shall be entitled to his/her salary during such sickness for a period not to exceed the hours of entitlement, as well as keeping with the policies of the employer’s benefit plan.
  5. An employee's absence due to sickness shall be deducted from his/her sick leave entitlement. As per the Support Staff Salary and Benefit Guide, sections 2.1.1 and 6.2: It is expected that support staff will schedule medical, dental and optical appointments in such a way as to minimize the period of absence.  A support staff employee who is unable to schedule an appointment in such a way as to minimize the period of absence shall be granted leave with pay to attend the appointment and such leave shall be deducted from the teacher's sick leave entitlement.
  6. When leave with pay is granted to an employee for their own medical, optical or dental appointments, such leave shall be deducted from his/her sick leave.
  7. Accumulated Sick Leave
    1. The sick leave account shall be forfeited when the employee leaves the employment of the Division, but an accumulation shall remain unchanged during the approved leave of absence.
  8. The Division will provide a statement of accumulated sick credits upon the written request of individual employees.
  9. All sick leave credits accumulated prior to the adoption of this administrative procedure shall remain available to individual employees subject to these procedures.
  10. Employees on a temporary contract shall not accumulate sick leave credits beyond the term of their contract.
  11. Sick leave for caretakers on irregular shifts will be paid out on the basis of typical hours worked (not including extra hours for "bookings").


Section 85, 87, 108, 109 Education Act

Saskatchewan Employment Act

Labour Standards Regulations 25, 26


September 2015