Instructional Programs and Materials 202

Instructional Program


The Division affirms that the basic program of studies and the courses of study used in a school shall be consistent with the regulations and with such directives as the Minister of Education (Saskatchewan) may issue. Teachers are encouraged to modify courses to suit the interests and learning needs of students as provided for within the “adaptive dimension” of provincial curriculum documents.

The Division recognizes the occasional need for the creation of locally developed courses in accordance with these administrative procedures.


  1. The Board, upon the recommendation of the Director may, with the approval of the Minister, authorize the implementation of a course of study which has been developed within the Division for use in any of the schools, and such course may be recognized for credit purposes in accordance with the Regulations.
  2. Subject to the Regulations, the program of studies provided in a school shall be that approved by the Board upon the recommendation of the Director.


Section 85, 87, 108, 109, 176, 177, Education Act

Regulations 21, 23, 25, 37


April 2014