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The Division believes that all employees, students, and volunteers have a right to work and learn in a safe environment free from violence, and a right to be treated with dignity, respect, and fairness. 

The history of the Division bears testimony regarding the safety of our schools and other facilities. This administrative procedure has been developed in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety statutes and regulations of the Province of Saskatchewan. It is the Division’s intent to continue to minimize or eliminate risks of violence. The Division has developed this procedure, in consultation with its employees, to maintain a safe environment for its employees, students, and volunteers. 

Incidents of violence involving only students will be investigated and dealt with by the Principal according to the discipline procedures of the school.


Violence shall be is defined as: 

"The intentional attempted, threatened, or actual conduct of a person that causes or is likely to cause injury, and includes any threatening statement or behavior towards an employee, student, or volunteer made by any person, which gives a person reasonable cause to believe that he or she is at risk of injury."

Guidelines – Risks of Violence:

The Division, in consultation with its employees, has identified the following: 

  1. Locations in which in rare circumstances violence may occur include: 
    1. Schools 
    2. Division office 
    3. Buses 
    4. School grounds and property 
    5. Approved curricular sites or extracurricular sites 
    6. Division approved travel 
    7. Any other sites where Division approved activities are occurring
  2. Identification of Jobs at Risk
    1. Employees who work in the following circumstances could be at some risk of being exposed to violent incidents: 
      1. Employees in workplace contact with students who have a history of violence. 
      2. Employees in workplace contact with students who suffer from medical conditions that could increase the probability of those students being the perpetrators of violent acts.
      3. Employees in schools, which provide services to students whose parents have histories of violence or who have previously threatened school staff.
  3. Potential Risks to the Safety of Employees
    1. The following risks were identified:
      1. The greatest risk of violence, threatened or actual conduct, clearly involves intensive needs students with emotional and behavioral conditions.
      2. The employees at greatest risk are teachers and educational assistants who work most frequently and directly with students who have intensive needs. 
      3. A smaller risk of violence involves parents of students. 
  4. Minimizing or Eliminating the Risk of Violence
    1. The Division promotes the following strategies and programs: 
      1. Violence Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) Protocol
      2. Social skills training in classrooms
      3. Professional development, e.g., non-violent crisis intervention, conflict resolution.
      4. Parental involvement in schools. 
      5. Individualized special education programs and team meetings to plan for students with intensive needs that include students, parents, and outside agencies. 
      6. Personal counselling for students and staff. 
      7. Individual behaviour plans. 
      8. Print resources related to violence prevention.


  1. Informing Employees About the Risk of Violence
    1. Every employee will have access to this administrative procedure.
    2. The Director or designate will share specific information about high risk situations with potentially affected employees. 
    3. It is expected that specific information will remain confidential.
  2. Reporting of Violent Incidents
    1. All employees have a responsibility to assist the Division in providing a safe working and learning environment. To achieve this objective, all employees shall promptly communicate issues relating to the risk of violence and related problems to their workplace supervisor.
    2. If an employee believes that a student, fellow employee, or visitor to the school or other workplace represents a danger to the safety of the students, employees or volunteers, the employee shall immediately notify their workplace supervisor.
    3. Employees must immediately report all incidents of violence to their workplace supervisor.
    4. Every employee who has been involved in a violent incident shall complete and submit a Violent Incident Report (Form 170-1) to their workplace supervisor who shall submit the report to the Director. 
    5. Violent Incident Report forms will become part of a Violent Incident Report File at the Division office. 
    6. Nothing in this administrative procedure shall be construed as preventing a person from reporting an incident to the police. 
  3. Investigation of Violent Incidents
    1. All reported incidents of violence involving employees will be investigated following the procedure for investigating harassment in Administrative Procedure 402.
  4. Action on Conclusion of Investigation of a Violent Incident Involving an Employee
    1. Following an investigation when the perpetrator of a violent incident is an employee, the Director or designate will apply appropriate disciplinary and corrective actions in keeping with due process. Such actions may include a verbal warning, written reprimand, transfer, suspension, and/or dismissal.
    2. Following an investigation when the perpetrator of a violent incident is a student, the Director or designate will administer disciplinary action in accordance with The Education Act.
    3. When the perpetrator of a violent incident is a parent of a student or a member of the public, the Director or designate will take actions necessary to minimize the risk of another incident, which may include restricting the access of that person to school property, or reporting the incident to the police.
    4. Affected employees will be informed of the results of the investigation.\
  5. Documentation
    1. The workplace supervisor, upon completion of the investigation, shall provide a written report to the Director along with a recommendation on the action to be taken, if any, as a result of the incident.
      1. If the act of violence is found to have been committed by an employee, a letter will be placed in the perpetrator’s file with details of the discipline imposed.
      2. If the act of violence has been committed by a student, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with established Division practice(s) for student discipline and the Education Act. The investigator shall retain written records of the incident. 
      3. Upon completion of a VTRA, a notification will be placed and remain  in the student’s cumulative folder (Form 322-1)
      4. If a parent or guardian of a student or member of the public has committed an act of violence, the Division will take actions necessary to minimize the risk of another incident. This may include restricting the access of that parent or guardian to school property.
      5. The Division may report the incident to the police.
  6. Recommendations to Employees Who Have Been Victims of Violence
    1. Any employee who has been a victim of violence will be given the opportunity, without loss of pay, to be examined by his/her physician.
    2. An employee who visits a physician or other health care specialist for treatment or counseling will not lose any pay or other benefits. This does not duplicate compensation for medical expenses, time loss, or disability to which any employee may be entitled to pursuant to the Workers' Compensation Act.



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