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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 406

Staff Leaves of Absence


The Director of Education, may grant leave of absence to professional and non-teaching staff in accordance with existing legislation, employee agreements, and this Administrative Procedure.


  1. Requests for leave of absence may be granted if deemed just and sufficient. Whenever circumstances permit, this is to be on the basis of prior approval.
  2. All employees shall advise their immediate supervisor of a pending leave request and shall make such request, in writing, to the Superintendent of Human Resources. 
  3. Leaves for teachers shall be granted in accordance with the Local Implementation and Negotiation Committee (LINC). The Agreement is negotiated periodically, between the Board of Education and the teachers.
  4. Leaves for support staff shall be granted in accordance with the Support Staff Salary and Benefit Guide.
  5. When written requests for leave are made which are not covered by the provisions of the Local Implementation and Negotiation Committee Agreement, or Support Staff Salary and Benefit Guide, the Superintendent of Human Resources will exercise their discretion in disposing of the request, and may refer the request to the Board of Education.  
  6. Employees who believe that administrative decisions respecting leave requests were not in keeping with provincial statutes or regulations, or Board of Education contracts or policies, may appeal such decisions to the Director of Education.
  7. Extended Leaves of Absence:
    1. This type of leaves does not apply to any of the leaves covered in the Local Implementation and Negotiation Committee Agreement between the Board of Education and teachers employed in the Lloydminster Public School Division.
    2. Employees of the Lloydminster Public School Division shall discuss their intentions with the Director of Education, or designate, before becoming involved in any activity which may result in extended periods of absence.
    3. Written requests for pending unpaid leaves of absence must be directed to the Director of Education, no less than thirty (30) days prior to the start of the leave.
    4. Consideration for absences and conditions for absences shall be determined by the Director of Education, or designate, in respect to the following:
      1. The length of allowable time;
      2. The nature of the leave of absence;
      3. The salary/substitute arrangement; and,
      4. Any other matter that may be pertinent to the request for an extended leave of absence.

Section 85, 87, Education Act, 1995
Saskatchewan Employment Act

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