Students 301

Early Entrance of Students Requiring Intensive Supports


The Division recognizes that a preschool child age 3 years or older (SK) or 2 years 6 months (AB) who meets the criteria for having intensive supports in an area identified by the province of residency, will benefit from accessing programming with the Lloydminster Public School Division.


  1. A parent/guardian or community agency may make a request to the Superintendent of Education or designate for services supported by the school division.
  2. The parent/guardian shall be responsible for providing all pertinent information, i.e. medical reports, psychological reports, testing data, etc.
  3. Upon receipt of all pertinent data, the Superintendent of Education or designate shall:
    1. Determine if the child meets the criteria of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education or Alberta Education for the provision of education services for preschool children requiring intensive supports.
    2. Investigate the requirements for serving the child with respect to staff requirements, availability of space, facility modification, and provision of transportation.
    3. Determine the appropriate placement for the child.
  4. Should it be determined that further assessment is required it may be the responsibility of the parent or guardian to have the assessment completed and provide the school system with the pertinent information.
  5. Upon entrance into the appropriate program the Student Services Team of the child’s school shall be responsible for overseeing the goals and direction of the programming and for developing an Inclusion and Intervention Plan (IIP).  This plan is developed in conjunction with the parents and other support services that are working with the child.
  6. Where the school system is not able to provide educational services for the child, it may consider purchase of services from another institution or agency.


Section 85, 141, 142, 145, 156 Education Act

Regulation 50


June 2009

December 2017