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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 250

Library Materials Selection and Adoption


The selection of learning resource materials (library books, print and non print resources) shall be made in accordance with the criteria and objectives as found in this Administrative Procedure.

The materials selected for libraries or resource centers are to be complementary to curricula authorized by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education and/or the Lloydminster Public School Division.  All materials are to be consistent with generally accepted social and moral standards of the community.


  1. The selection process of instructional materials for use in libraries and resource centers is
    delegated to professionally trained personnel.  These persons shall be cognizant of the
    lists of learning materials and books authorized and recommended by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, the Director of Education, and various book selection aids used by librarians.
  2. An understanding of the needs of the school, based on knowledge of the curriculum, and existing material available shall guide the selection process.
  3. When students are viewing sensitive material, a letter will be sent home ahead of time to parents/caregivers. Parents/Caregivers may request that their child be removed from class during this time.
  4. When specific materials are challenged by one or more individuals, the Principal of the school shall be informed.
  5. In the event of a complaint the following procedures shall apply:
    1. A copy of this Administrative Procedure shall be given to the complainant. 
    2. The complainant shall try to resolve their differences regarding the resource
      material in question with the Principal of the school.
    3. Should the complainant wish to pursue the matter beyond the school level
      they and the Principal shall complete the form called Complaint About Instructional
      Materials By A Parent Or Elector (Form 205-1). This completed form will then be
      forwarded to the office of the Director of Education.
    4. The Director of Education shall call a meeting of an ad hoc Library Materials
      Review Committee which comprises a teacher, a teacher librarian from a different
      school, the Principal, and the Superintendent of Education.
    5. The Library Materials Review Committee shall make recommendations to the
      Director of Education about the offending material. This Committee would be
      entrusted with the task of recommending one of the following actions:
      1. withdrawal;
      2. suspension;
      3. restriction of the material;
      4. no further action; and,
      5. or further study.


Section 85, 87, 175 Education Act, 1995
Section 37 Education Act Regulations

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