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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 542

Facilities Procedures


In order to promote safety, efficiency, cleanliness, and good appearance in the operation of its several facilities, the Facilities Manager will prepare, maintain, and revise from time to time, a Facility Procedures Manual.

The purpose of the Facility Procedures Manual is to provide guidance to head caretakers and caretakers employed by the Lloydminster Public School Division, with respect to the standard operating procedures associated with various aspects of building cleaning and maintenance.  The Facility Procedures Manual will detail certain procedures to be carried out and will, where appropriate, indicate a schedule to be followed regarding routine tasks.

The Facility Procedures Manual is an official document of the Lloydminster Public School Division and is to be regarded as being complementary to the head caretaker’s and caretaker’s job descriptions.


  1. In consultation with principals and maintenance and caretaking personnel, the Facilities Manager will prepare guidelines which detail expectations, schedules, and/or standard operating procedures, for routine aspects of the facility’s cleaning and maintenance.
  2. Tasks outlined in the Facility Procedures Manual will be consistent with roles and duties prescribed for head caretakers and caretakers, in their respective job descriptions.
  3. The Facilities Manager, in consultation with Principals and maintenance and caretaking personnel, will identify topics included in the Facility Procedures Manual for which inservice training is to be provided. The Facilities Manager will, with the authorization of the Director of Education, arrange for appropriate inservice training sessions.
  4. As a result of consultation with principals or maintenance or caretaking personnel, the Facilities Manager may revise, remove, or add items from or to the Facility Procedures Manual.
  5. The maintenance of a current copy of the Facility Procedures Manual will be the responsibility of each head caretaker.

Section 85, 87, 190 Education Act, 1995
Section 38 The School Division Administration Regulations

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