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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 110

School Planning and Reporting


School plans and results reports are a Division requirement. School plans are updated annually to incorporate Board direction and local input, and to address areas for improvement identified from the results.


  1. School Improvement Plans
    1. Division schools will develop, update and implement School Improvement Plans utilizing the following guidelines:
      1. Schools will actively seek collaborative involvement of stakeholders (students, parents, School Community Council, etc.), as appropriate, in development of Improvement Plans.
      2. Improvement Plans will utilize a format that identifies:
        1. Goals: general statements of purposes or ends to be accomplished in order to achieve its mission.
        2. Strategies: broad statements on actions that will be used to accomplish goals and achieve desired results.
        3. Results: outcomes to be achieved.
        4. Targets: required for achievements tests and diploma exams and other local targets may be set.
        5. Measures: means by which results will be quantified or qualified.
      3. School goals will reflect:
        1. The Division’s priorities and Continuous Improvement and Accountability Plan
        2. School and community goals and priorities
      4. School Improvement Plans are to impact the development of the school budget.
      5. School Improvement Plans will be developed and updated each school year and submitted to the School Community Council for final approval.
    2. School Results Reporting
      1. The schools will report annually on progress towards the goals of their Improvement Plans. This report will be submitted to Director and presented to the School Community Council.
    3.  School Handbooks
      1. Schools are encouraged to develop handbooks or other documents and distribute them to appropriate stakeholders as a means of communicating the  school’s philosophy, procedures and expectations for daily operation.
      2. Handbooks and local procedures must be consistent with Division requirements and expectations.


Section 108, 109, 140, 175, Education Act


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