Business Administration 540

Planning for School Facilities


The Division recognizes that is it responsible for providing the highest quality facilities possible in order to meet its mission, vision, values and belief statements.

The Director or designate is responsible for the regular operations and orderly development of Division facilities.  The Director is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of a five (5) year plan.  The five (5) year plan will include forecasting expenditures anticipated for new school buildings, major renovations and other major renovations for with borrowing of funds may be necessary.

The five-year plan is reviewed and approved annually by the Board according to their Annual Work Plan.  Specific building projects are approved by the Board.



  1. The five-year plan is maintained by the Facilities Manager in consultation with the Superintendent of Administration.
  2. The plan is to include:
    1. Demographic review and enrolment analysis
    2. Current or proposed constructions.
    3. Current or proposed additions.
    4. Current or proposed alterations and reconstruction.
    5. Major repairs.
    6. Estimated costs
  3. Plans for renovations, upgrades and new construction are to be developed with input from the local teaching staff and the respective School Community Council.
  4. Ministry of Education Facilities Guidelines and Policy must be considered in completing the five-year plan.



Section 85, 87, 343, 344, 345, 350, The Education Act, 1995
Part XVII – The Education Regulations, 2015


December 2017