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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 140-1

Student Responsible Use of Technology and Internet Agreement

Section A:  General Use of Technology 

As a student of Lloydminster Public School Division, I value having access to technology to support my learning.  I know that along with this privilege comes great responsibility.  To demonstrate my commitment and understanding of the level of responsibility that is required, I have read each of the expectations and guidelines listed below.  I will abide by the responsibilities and expectations laid out for the use of electronic/computer devices.

  • I understand that having access to technology in school is a privilege.  I understand that this privilege may be revoked if I fail to fulfill my responsibilities as a user of this technology and that many, but not all, of these responsibilities are outlined below.

  • I will only use technology for educational purposes while in school, unless I have been granted permission by a teacher or staff member; and then I will only use the technology within the parameters or guidelines established by them.

  • When connected to the internet, I will never use my electronic/computer device to reveal personal information such as my age, address, or phone number, or those of other students or persons.

  • I understand that Lloydminster Public School Division uses a content filter (Fortiguard) on its internet access, yet I know it is possible that I may encounter inappropriate material, which includes images or text that are pornographic, violent, obscene, or offensive to others.  I will immediately close the window on the screen that depicts this material.  I will then inform my teacher.

  • I understand that my personal files and information about every web page I visit may be accessible under the provisions of LAFOIP.  I am aware that an individual search may be conducted if there is reasonable belief that I have violated the law or the Lloydminster Public School Division’s Student Responsible Use of Technology and Internet Agreement.

  • I understand that my actions using electronic/computer devices and accessing the internet reflect on me, my class, and the school.  I will conduct myself accordingly and exercise good judgment.

  • I will not download or install any software, music, movies, or files of any nature unless I have been granted specific permission to do so by my teacher and the copyright holder grants permission.

  • I will not share my Student Network Login password or any other user names and passwords. 

  • I will always log out of the computer and any applications when I have finished using them, or when moving out of sight of my computer.  I acknowledge that any actions done on a computer when I am logged in are traceable to me.

  • I will not create, use, display, or store any offensive, obscene, inflammatory, language or images.  I will not use the technology in any way that negatively affects any other student or person.

Section B:  Use of personal computing devices at school

Students at this school may bring their own personal electronic/computing devices which may be able to connect to the school’s open wireless network.  When using student-owned, personal computing devices at school, all of the General Use of Technology Guidelines (Section A) apply as well as the following:

  • I will connect to the school’s open wireless network, and NOT to the school’s wired network, or any visible network from the neighborhood.  The guidelines below apply regardless of the wireless network used.

  • In class, I will use the student owned device only with the teacher's permission.

  • Where possible, the device I am using will have virus protection software which is up-to-date.

  • I will turn off all peer-to-peer (music/video/file-sharing) software or web-hosting services on my device while connected to the school’s wireless network.

  • I understand the security, care, and maintenance of my device is my responsibility.  I will securely store my device when not in use.

  • I understand that the school is not responsible for the loss, theft, or damage of my device. I am fully responsible for my property while it is at school.

Section C:  Use of Cloud Based Applications and Google Apps for Education

Google Suite for Education (G Suite) accounts are made for each Lloydminster Public School Division student.  The Google account allows students to use online email, calendars, documents, and applications to communicate and collaborate with peers, teachers, and others.  The tools and resources are provided by Google and all files and information is stored on Google servers which may be located anywhere in the world and subject to the laws of that country.  All of the General Use of Technology Guidelines (Section A) apply when accessing resources through Cloud Based Applications and Google Apps for Education accounts, as well as the following:

  • I will be provided with an email address (ie:  firstname.lastname@lpsd.ca) to use for school purposes.  This address is what gives me secured access to my online file storage, documents, and sites.

  • I understand that personnel from the Lloydminster Public School Division may access my Cloud Based Apps or Google Apps accounts if there are reasonable grounds to believe that there has been a breach of school rules or discipline policies and that a search of the account would reveal evidence of that breach.  This may include, but is not limited to, email messages, gadgets, archived chats, documents, sites, photographs, uploaded documents, etc.

August 2023