Personnel and Employee Relations 411

Medical Examinations


The Division, in its commitment to provide the best possible educational services to the children in its schools, and realizing that the good health of all of its employees is essential to the provision of superior services, may at any time require medical examination of its employees, as provided for in this administrative procedure.



  1. An employee who is absent due to illness for five (5) or more consecutive working days shall be required to submit a Verification of Sickness Form. All such absence due to illness shall be reported immediately to the Superintendent of Human Resources by the Principal or immediate supervisor. Teachers will be required to complete Form 7-1 Verification of Sickness – Practitioner’s Report and non-teaching staff will be required to complete Form 411 -1 Verification of Sickness – Practitioner’s Report.  Employees are required to send their completed Verification of Sickness forms directly to the Human Resources Department and not to their immediate supervisor.
  2. The direct supervisor may require an employee to produce a Verification of Sickness Form for absences less than five (5) as deemed necessary. This will be shared in a letter to the employee as outlined in the LPSD Attendance Management Guidelines.
  3. The Division may require a medical certificate from an employee if it considers that the employee may not be in adequate physical or mental health to fully discharge his/her duties as specified in the applicable role description. Such action will be taken in full consideration of the Employee Assistance Program and Provincial Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  4. Employees who suffer an incapacitating condition may be required to provide the Superintendent of Human Resources with a medical certificate from a qualified practitioner prior to their return to work certifying that they will be able to perform their duties; such statement may be referred to a Division appointed physician for advice, at Division expense.
  5. The Division may authorize the appointment of a physician and advisors who shall be available to the school system as required, at Division expense.
  6. The Superintendent of Human Resources is responsible for the monitoring of sick leave procedures and will provide such reports as may be required.
  7. The request for documentation in support of an employee's absence may be made by the Superintendent of Human Resources or designate.
  8. All employee medical information shall be retained in the employee's medical file as defined in the Provincial Collective Bargaining Agreement.



Sections 85, 87, 108, 109 Education Act

Saskatchewan Employment Act

Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Provincial Collective Bargaining Agreement


September 2015