General Administration 130

School Year Calendar


The school year must be designed to maximize student learning. To facilitate shared services, schools will follow a Division-wide school year calendar.

The Director is responsible for developing and recommending the school year calendar to the Board. 


  1. The Director or designate will prepare a proposed school year calendar for distribution to Principals.
  2. Principals shall ensure that staff and School Community Councils have opportunity for input. The Principal is responsible for recording and providing the feedback to the Director or designate.
  3. The Director or designate, in consultation with Principals, will consider the feedback and prepare a recommendation for the Board no later than the first regular Board meeting in March.
  4. The school year calendar will specify:
    1. School opening and closing dates
    2. Number of instructional and non-instructional days
    3. Dates of professional development days
    4. Holidays and vacation periods
  5. Immediately following Board approval, the Director shall publish information for parents and students and notify employees with respect to opening and closing dates of schools in the Division for the following school year.


Section 87, 108, 109, 163, 164, 165, 166, 167, Education Act


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