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Occupational Health and Safety Committee



Every site in the Division that has ten (10) or more Division employees on location shall establish and maintain an Occupational Health Committee (OHC) in compliance with The Saskatchewan Employment Act  and The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.


  1. The OHC shall consist of no fewer than two and no more than twelve members, with the membership being representatives of all employee groups present in the school or office.
  2. There will be two (2) co-chairs of the OHC at each location.  A school-based administrator or division level supervisor or manager shall serve as the employer co-chair.
  3. The employee co-chair shall be determined from among the employee representatives to the OHC.
  4. The Employer is required to ensure that committee co-chairs have Level 1 and Level 2 training.  The Facilities Manager will facilitate the training process.
  5. The OHC will review and report health and safety issues in the workplace.
  6. There must be a quorum at every committee meeting:
    1. Half of all the OHC members must be present;
    2. Half of all OHC members present must be workers, and
    3. At least one management member must be present.
  7. Members serve a three-year term and can serve more than one term.
  8. The OHC will meet at least once every three months and will keep minutes of each meeting on forms developed and required by the Occupational Health and Safety Division of the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety.
  9. Within ten (10) days of each meeting, the minutes shall be filed and posted as follows:
    1. One copy of the minutes will be filed at the school or office;
    2. One copy forwarded to the Facilities Manager, and
    3. One copy will be displayed in a visible location in the school or office.
  10. The Facilities Manager will follow-up on matters of concern and advise the Superintendent of Administration of any serious deficiencies identified in these reports.



An electronic copy of the minutes form is available at the link below:

Legal References:

Sections 85, 87, 109 The Education Act

Parts III and V The Saskatchewan Employment Act

Part IV The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations


September 2019