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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 544

Security of Buildings


The Division recognizes the need to provide for the security of its buildings and property. The Director or designate will establish procedures to protect such property.


  1. Detection Intrusion systems may be installed and operated in schools and in other buildings owned by the Division as a deterrent to unauthorized entry.
  2. Intrusion detection systems shall be improved, expanded, and upgraded as experience dictates and within budgetary provisions.
  3. The Facilities department, in consultation with the caretaking staff, shall be responsible for the coordination and operation of the intrusion detection systems to ensure optimum protection.
  4. Locking systems – electronic access systems shall be designed to provide a reasonable degree of security. Upgrading of security systems shall be carried out under a well-planned systematic program designed to improve security on a long-term basis.
  5. Keys for the removable core locking system shall be marked to indicate that duplicates are provided only with the authorization of the Director or designate. The Facilities Manager  or designate shall arrange for duplicate keys to be provided when required.
  6. Locking systems to include key or fob shall be designed so that exterior access is controlled through the designated entrances entrance only. Requests for additional access must be submitted in writing to the Facilities Manager.
  7. Key and fob distribution shall be controlled in accordance with the following:
    1. Keys and fobs shall be issued only to staff members of the Division with the exception that a community organization may have access to an area which can be secured from the rest of the school.
    2. Keys and fobs shall not be loaned to students or unauthorized persons under any circumstances. Students may be admitted to school premises after normal school hours only under the supervision of a staff member and with the knowledge and approval of the Principal.
    3. Entry to school premises outside regular school hours as required by utility personnel or contractors may be arranged through the Facilities Manager.
    4. The authority for the distribution of keys and fobs shall be as follows:
      1. Principal to staff members.
      2. Facilities Manager or designate to caretaking personnel.
      3. Facilities Manager or designate to maintenance personnel.
      4. Facilities Manager or designate to central office personnel and to all holders of grand master keys.
  8. The individuals responsible for key and fob distribution shall be accountable for maintaining a record of keys and fobs their distribution. These authorities shall maintain two inventories - one showing keys/fobs assigned for their distribution and the other showing re-distribution of keys/fobs to staff members.
    1. The individuals responsible for key and fobs distribution shall verify in June of each year that all keys are accounted for in accordance with records. Exterior keys and fobs may be re-assigned to those personnel who require them after normal caretaking hours during the summer recess.
    2. All staff members shall return keys and fobs issued to them before reassignment or termination.
    3. Lost or missing keys and fobs shall be reported to the individual responsible for distribution, who will notify the Facilities Administrator of the loss. The Facilities Administrator shall arrange for continued building security.
  9. The individual responsible for key and `fob distribution shall conduct an ongoing education program with staff members to emphasize the responsibility for building security. This program is to receive particular emphasis at the beginning of each school year to ensure that new staff members are aware of security problems and requirements.

Section 85, 87, 108, 109, 110, Education Act

February 2019