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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 400

Employee Recruitment and Selection


The Lloydminster Public School Division shall employ individuals best qualified to meet the diverse needs of students and maintain high standards of excellence.


  1. The Director of Education , or designate, is responsible for employee recruitment and selection.
  2. The Director of Education, through Human Resources, shall coordinate employee recruitment and selection in a collaborative manner with those involved in the decision making process.
  3. The role of Human Resources in the recruitment and selection process is that of coordinator, facilitator, and advisor of human resources best practice.
  4. The recruiting program shall maintain positive public relations, the good reputation, and the standards of excellence of the Lloydminster Public School Division.
  5. Specific practices to be followed are outlined in the Lloydminster Public School Division’s Staffing Guidelines Handbook (currently being developed).
  6. The Director of Education may waive any of the guidelines or procedures where exceptional circumstances may affect the recruitment and selection process
  7. Recruitment
    1. Schools and departments shall advise the Superintendent of Education of staffing requirements.
    2. The Superintendent of Education is responsible, where appropriate, for posting and advertising available positions upon review of the current job description.
    3. The Superintendent of Education is responsible for the development of recruitment plans that adheres to applicable legislation and collective agreements.
    4. The Superintendent of Education is responsible, in consultation with those involved in the decision making process, for ensuring the use of the appropriate type of contract.
  8. Selection
    1. Interview panels shall be used in the selection process.
    2. Successful candidates will be recommended to the Superintendent of Education.
    3. The Superintendent of Education will be responsible for making verbal offers of employment and ensuring unsuccessful candidates who were interviewed are contacted.
    4. All employment offers and/or contracts shall be confirmed in writing with the signature of the Superintendent of Human Resources.
    5. All offers of employment shall be conditional upon receipt of a criminal record check and verification of required qualifications.

Section 85 Education Act, 1995

August 2023